Goodness Gracious Mercy Me!!  WHEW!!!  I came out of April alive, how did you do??

I went up to Mexico at the end of March expecting a quick fix for my Tooth Infection and ended up there for a month (a week of oral antibiotics – didn’t work, 6 days of IV antibiotics – helped)!  I finally succumbed to seeing a Specialist who recommended surgery to remove the infection/abscess/cyst.  THAT wasn’t fun and the recovery was painful.  I’m not used to pain or discomfort!  I had a great Airbnb where I could rest – which is exactly what I did, nonstop, with my mint chocolate chip icecream!

The moral of the story is:  when you hit your tooth, go see a dentist!!  I didn’t have consistent pain though I “noticed” it every once in a while and thought “hmmm I wonder…” but didn’t get much further than that.

Seven months later I had a 9 mm growth/infection.  No wonder I felt so off – an infection in your head will do that to you!!!

I’m all better now, recovering, getting my energy back, and especially getting my brain back.  HOORAY!!!!

And it’s a brand new month — MAY!!!  YIPPEE!!!  There is something about flipping that calendar over for me that is so Jylliberating!!  A Blank Canvas!

Comfreak / Pixabay

We’ve got a lot going on energetically and planetarily (you love my made-up words, right!?).

Let’s start with MAY.  There is a smoothing out of the energy now as we head further into the 2nd quarter of the year.  I feel this energy is completely different than the first part of the year.  There is time to breathe.  We get a little room to regroup and rein in our emotions and energies.  We get to set the foundations for whatever it is we want to create next.  We will have the energy for this now (as up until now it has felt like we were in REACTION MODE).

Are you following any of the Retrogrades?  I’ve been following them for the last few years and learning more about them.  If we know what is going on with the planets we can use the energy of them to help us with whatever that planet governs.

For example, Jupiter rules luck, fortune, growth, prosperity, generosity, wisdom and expansion.  Jupiter has been Retrograde since April 10th and will be through August 11.

This is a time for slowing down and going inward in those areas.  Return to projects you put on the back burner.  If something doesn’t work out during this time, it wasn’t meant to be.

Pluto went Retrograde April 24 — through Oct 3.  Pluto rules our shadow side, deep-seated fears, limiting beliefs, the unconscious, unpredictability, change, endings and beginnings.

This is a time for CHANGE – physically or emotionally (and energetically) clearing space and making room for the NEW.

Saturn is next – retrograde April 29 – Sept 18.  Saturn rules responsibility, tenacity, allegiance, limits, obligation, social expectations, building foundations, and a stable future, especially in business.

This is a time to do the work and get things done!  ROAR!  Pay attention to hindsight and if your life is what/how you want it to be.

NEW MOON on Saturday, May 4.  New Moons are all about setting intentions, making plans, meditation, rest, slow integration, journaling, vision boarding, taking initial action on new goals, kicking old habits and setting new ones, new business partnerships and new relationships.

As always, here is the New Moon Ritual I created if you want to try it out.  Ceremonies or Rituals can be a powerful way to manifest your intentions.

How does all this feel to you?  Do you feel the shift now that we are in a new month?

Here’s to ROCKing MAY and ROARing all the way!!

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