During a Session, I tap into the underlying Energetic reasons that are connected to the experiences, feelings, etc. that you are having.  Unhealthy or unuseful things (energetic blocks, patterns, stagnant energy) will be shifted, removed and transformed.  Each session is unique and personalized to you, what you want to work on, or what is going on in your life.

Clients have experienced the following after a session:

  • Improved physical ailments
  • Less anxiety and/or depression
  • More confidence
  • Feeling grounded, centered and more like “themselves”
  • Lighter, Freer
  • Huge energy shift
  • Ability to speak up
  • Experience living in a Higher Vibration
  • Improvements/differences in dealing with others who were unhealthy/causing issues
  • Protected energy field – things that used to bother or affect them no longer do

Sessions are conducted via ZOOM video conferencing.

Clear & Protect

Great for Empaths and highly sensitives who take on the emotions and energy of everything around them, the Clear & Protect  gets you back into alignment with your OWN ENERGY across your Physical and Energetic fields so you feel empowered, more clarity, and energized.

Email Reading

As I tap into your energy, I perform the session just as I would if we were talking except I type out exactly what I am seeing and sensing, clearing/healing as well as all of the messages that come through for you. 

2-Question Reading

These are great when you need some quick Intuitive insight and guidance into things going on in your life.  Answers are thorough and may include action items for the best shift. 

Entity Removal

Due to the sensitive nature of Entities and their Removal, these sessions are done at a distance and at my discretion (I pick the time/date and fill you in after the session and removal is complete) – for both our protection.  

Some may call them Demons, Spirits, Ghosts, Myasms, etc.  Regardless of the label or definition, to me, Entities are energetic masses that wreak havoc on us physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I endured one from ages 15-33 so I know how crazy one can feel when burdened with one (or 40,  as in one of my client cases – and yes they were all cleared!).

Once entities are cleared, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms improve and disappear and life can be lived at a higher vibration again!

**Please contact me to discuss your situation prior to paying.  I reserve the right to refuse service of any removal for any reason.

$300 USD Minimum


What They Say

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“Jyll is not only a delight to work with, but remarkably talented and gifted. I used to get a yearly cough that would linger for two months. Last year, it was in its fifth month when I reached out to Jyll for help. She intuitively determined that it wasn’t a physical issue, but an energetic one. I was subconsciously holding back my true voice! The cough was my true-self barking, “I want to be heard!” The truth of her words resonated with me, big time. During the healing session, Jyll cleared nineteen ancestral and eleven of my past lives; all of whom had been strong females who were unable to voice themselves due to the period in which they lived. She also cleared my throat chakra. I’m happy to announce that I no longer have issues voicing myself and I haven’t coughed in a year.”

G. Kick, Illinois USA

“Jyll provided me with my very first energy healing and it was such an amazing experience. She helped me by clear 33 years of energetic gunk and put up a protection to help prevent me from holding on to more energy. After the healing, I felt lighter than I’ve ever felt. The world was brighter and my future didn’t seem so bleak. I was giving off a much warmer energy and my boyfriend even commented that he felt it too.  I wasn’t sure how helpful an energy healing would be, but it has been beyond anything I could imagine. I highly recommend Jyllicious Healing to everyone, whether they have had energy healing before or not. I feel like a brand-new person and it feels so good to be me!”

Harley Raptor, USA

I had a healing session with Jyll a few days ago and oh my! What a gifted person she is! A lot had been going on with me energetically and after the session I feel as though I was unconsciously drowning in water and someone pulled me out of it! Also being an empath and not being to differentiate between others’ overwhelming emotions and your own emotions can surely suck the life out of you. I can never thank her enough for this amazing healing!”

Anshu Sharma – Australia

“I was recently blessed with a channeled reading by Jyll Hoyrup.  I have been in quite a crisis physically, spiritually and emotionally the last few years.  Jyll has always been there for me. This reading was integral in getting my hopes up again.  I am a positive person but sometimes things in life make you lose hope. This was confirming what I knew, that life was going to get better.  This was several months ago and things are definitely looking up and following along with what her Guide told me. There was some information in there for my children as well that made my soul smile.  I think if you can get outside encouragement it helps completely. This was positive for I will be getting another reading soon! If you need some guidance or confirmation, I wholeheartedly suggest getting a channeled reading with Jyll.”

Crystal Mitchell – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“Jyll sent me a channeled meditation for pain relief and I used this meditation daily for two weeks. During that time, I kept a journal of my progress. At first, I was happy with the slight changes I was feeling, then, after the first week, everything accelerated. Ten days into the meditation experience, I felt as if the pain in my lower back had been reduced by 80%. The lung congestion that had plagued me for over two months was 95% gone. Since that time, whenever I feel the pain returning or something new popping up, I resume the pain relief meditation and quickly return to normal, or at the least, close to normal. Jyll has a strong connection with her Guides and her Guides get right to the business of healing. I’m grateful for Jyll’s generosity in sharing her gift. Because of Jyll, I’m able to move around, hike, play tennis, and do basic everyday tasks without wondering if I’ll make my pain worse. I feel as if I’ve been released from the prison of my pain. Thank you, Jyll!”

Betty Dietz – California, USA


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