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Rock Your Intuition Bootcamp with Jyll Hoyrup



Rock Your Intuition will show you exactly how you can tap into and trust your Intuition by using a no-nonsense, practical, fun, super-easy approach utilizing what is already around you every day. Who better to know what is best for you than you! Right?

Rock Your Intuition covers the main 5 types of Intuition, the best way to Track your Intuition, the best ways to Practice your Intuition, the difference between Passive and Active Intuition, Intuition on Others, When Intuition Is Wrong, and more.

Narrated by the author (that's me - Jyll!).


What They Say

“Jyll channeled a positive writing exercise from one of her Guides and I found it to be exceedingly helpful, healing, and informative. The work I did with Jyll and her guides helped me to change my focus and feelings so that I was paying attention to what I wanted instead of focusing on what was hurting so much. I highly recommend working with Jyll for healing and channeled assistance. She and her guides are phenomenal.”

Angela, USA

I have worked with Jyll numerous times, and her readings have always been spot on for me. Whenever I’ve been uncertain regarding my own path in life, she’s been there to offer accurate, intuitive advice. Her healings are also very powerful, and I can always feel her energy when she works on me. I’ve sent several of my own clients her way because I know she can help them, and I know she can help you, too!

Nicole Guillaume, USA

In the mid-summer of 2015, I suffered an uncharacteristic crisis of confidence. I am a professional pet sitter and was tasked with the care of two very frightened, unsocialized Shih Tzus. They ran in terror as soon as I entered the house, as predicted by their family.  It was going to be a long week for all of us without a positive emotional connection. My burgeoning acceptance of my animal communication skills was not enough. I consulted with Jyll and she Intuited that I was on the right track and gave me a specific action plan to bolster my confidence. My very next visit resulted in positive interaction and by the next visit both approached me so I could pet them! Their family was amazed and gratified when they returned, but no more than me! Jyll provided positive, supportive guidance and helped guide me to the next level!”

Laura Z., USA

"I was recently blessed with a channeled reading by Jyll Hoyrup.  I have been in quite a crisis physically, spiritually and emotionally the last few years.  Jyll has always been there for me.  This reading was integral in getting my hopes up again.  I am a positive person but sometimes things in life make you lose hope.  This was confirming what I knew, that life was going to get better.  This was several months ago and things are definitely looking up and following along with what her Guide told me.  There was some information in there for my children as well that made my soul smile.  I think if you can get outside encouragement it helps completely.  This was positive for I will be getting another reading soon!  If you need some guidance or confirmation, I wholeheartedly suggest getting a channeled reading with Jyll."

Crystal Mitchell, Mexico City, Mexico

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