Jyll Hoyrup

Hi, I’m Jyll!

I help people who are Awakening to their Spiritual Journey to feel more aligned with their Soul purpose, tap into their Intuition, and have Fun on the way!


Soul Transformation

I help facilitate your Transformations and shifts.  From clearing patterns and blocks to activating new energies and intentions, we move you from feeling stuck to empowered.  Start feeling more aligned and move forward with ease!

Here’s how I can help you:


Heal old programming and blocks so you can easily feel aligned with your goals and reach your full potential!

Rock Your Intuition Academy

Starts Oct 11
8 weeks of deep diving into your Intuition!

Rock Your Intuition Bootcamp with Jyll Hoyrup

Rock Your Intuition Academy!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

To jumpstart your Intuition or to make life changes, mentoring is for you!




Receive my Best Tips and Inspiration!  It’ll be Fun!


What They Say

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Before my session with Jyll, I was afraid to leave the house. My sensitivity and empathy made it hard to function because I was absorbing other people’s energy like a sponge.  No matter how many protection tools I used, I couldn’t help picking up other people’s stuff.  To make matters worse, I was making my living as a psychic, and I was feeling burned out and sick. After my session with Jyll, I was able to give two readings that night and instead of feeling drained, I felt energized.  I went shopping and felt like a “normal” person, able to be in a crowded place and buy my groceries without feeling panicked or ill. It was an amazing change. Jyll made me feel understood and cared for. Thanks to her expertise and powerful healing, I feel way more functional and can be my intuitive, empathic self without feeling crippled by it.”

Jessica McKay, New Jersey, USA

“Aside from being just ridiculously fun, (which is not ALWAYS the case with energy healers), Jyll is one of the most intuitive and creative people I’ve ever met and one of the most effective healers. I came to her wanting to clear some money blocks, and boy did I clear them! Within two weeks of her session, I received not one but TWO Christmas bonuses from work and had a major marketing opportunity drop into my lap. Most importantly, Jyll works with who YOU are, not just as a spiritual guide. She uses her creativity to work WITH you and empowers you to instantly develop your own tools to make real and lasting changes in your life. I am going to need a monthly dose of Jyll, for sure!”

Sheila Gallien – Hawaii, USA

“Jyll carried out a channeled reading/healing for me. The report she sent me resonated deeply with me – so accurate! I greatly appreciated the practical actions she encouraged me to take. Since then I’ve been putting Jyll’s suggestions into action, and my life and business are really beginning to flow. I’ve been able to use Jyll’s advice to reframe and refine my approach, which is reaping me huge dividends in my personal energy and my enthusiasm for my business. It is fascinating to reread her report and see what has already come to pass. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next! I highly recommend Jyll’s work. She will help you find your roar!”

Jude Wellington – New Zealand

Are you ready to rock your roar?

Treat Yourself to a Soul Roaring Transformation!

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