Energy Healing

During your Session, we uncover and release energetic patterns that are connected to the experiences that you are having.  We shift and transform!  You are left feeling less burdened, more clarity, and ready to move forward!


An Activation connects you to the energy of your intentions and Soul Purpose, allowing you to align with the frequency and vibration and create from the inside out!


Email and phone readings are great when you want some quick Guidance but don’t necessarily have the time or energy for a face to face session.

Rock Your Intuition!

Group, Individual and VIP programs that assist you in getting the personalized Mentoring you need in order to understand, use, and improve your Intuition immediately.

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert
Rock Your Intuition Bootcamp with Jyll Hoyrup



Rock Your Intuition will show you exactly how you can tap into and trust your Intuition by using a no-nonsense, practical, fun, super-easy approach utilizing what is already around you every day. Who better to know what is best for you than you! Right?

Rock Your Intuition covers the main 5 types of Intuition, the best way to Track your Intuition, the best ways to Practice your Intuition, the difference between Passive and Active Intuition, Intuition on Others, When Intuition Is Wrong, and more.

Narrated by the author (that's me - Jyll!).


What People Are Saying

"I initially sought out Jyll’s services because I had a huge block when it came to doing Facebook Lives for my business. I had tried to work through it myself and also with a coach but with no success. I had one session with Jyll and she cleared the issue in such a kind and gentle way. Now I have no problems doing lives and in fact, I can even say that I enjoy them. Since then I have had several sessions with Jyll. One to help me deal with an energetically draining person in my life (Jyll set up a protection which has worked a treat) and also to help me with other blocks in my business. She is incredibly gifted and always so spot on with her intuition. I love how she explains what she’s doing too which always helps me to feel at ease. I can’t imagine life without her, she’s my secret weapon to finding peace and breaking through blocks. Thank you Jyll."

Tegan Marshall, Australia

WOW!  That healing was really in-depth and insightful and really resonated with me.  I feel good.  I feel rested.  I felt so taken care of.  The healings that you’ve done with me have been so profound that all the angst I had, all the Whatever, the feelings of hopelessness, the feeling that my life meant nothing – they all went away.  You really helped me so much.”

Jessica McKay, New Jersey, USA

"Aside from being just ridiculously fun, (which is not ALWAYS the case with energy healers), Jyll is one of the most intuitive and creative people I’ve ever met and one of the most effective healers. I came to her wanting to clear some money blocks, and boy did I clear them! Within two weeks of her session, I received not one but TWO Christmas bonuses from work and had a major marketing opportunity drop into my lap. Most importantly, Jyll works with who YOU are, not just as a spiritual guide. She uses her creativity to work WITH you and empowers you to instantly develop your own tools to make real and lasting changes in your life. I am going to need a monthly dose of Jyll, for sure!"

Sheila Gallien, Hawaii, USA

“Jyll provided me with my very first energy healing and it was such an amazing experience. She helped me by clearing 33 years of energetic gunk and put up a protection to help prevent me from holding on to more energy from others. After the healing, I felt lighter than I’ve ever felt. The world was brighter and my future didn’t seem so bleak. I was giving off a much warmer energy and my boyfriend even commented that he felt it too.  I wasn’t sure how helpful an energy healing would be, but it has been beyond anything I could imagine. I highly recommend Jyllicious Healing to everyone, whether they have had energy healing before or not. I feel like a brand-new person and it feels so good to be me!”

Harley Raptor, USA

"Working with Jyll is so great!  First of all, she is so fun and unique in her approach!  Secondly, she really helps you tap into your intuition and develop it in a fun way.  Her channeled readings have given me clarity and guidance in what to do.  I love working with Jyll and have grown quite a lot since mentoring with her."

Marissa K

South Carolina, USA



Learn about your Intuition, Transformation, and More!  It’ll be FUN!


Treat Yourself to a Soul Roaring Transformation!

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