May Energy Report 2020

May Energy Report 2020

We are embarking on a Greater Awareness of Ourselves and those around us. We have acclimated to the energy of being in the Stillness that encompasses everything around us in the 3D. Lean into that Stillness. What are the whispers that are meant only for you?  Can you...

March 2020 Energy Report

As we move further into 2020, you will start to notice the energy feeling lighter. 2019 brought with it a lot of shifts and shadow work, which is finally being integrated.  Where we might have felt heavy or disjointed, now we begin to feel ease and flow again. Ideas...

February 2020 Energy Report

I keep feeling and hearing PRICKLY for February….let’s see what comes through for the February Energy Report: Clarity I’m seeing puzzle pieces falling into place and getting the sense of congruence. What may have not been working before is now...
Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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