I found this wonderful site, promptly bookmarked it then forgot about it — for a year or two at least.  I recently noticed it in my bookmarks and investigated it again.

Ramdlon / Pixabay

It is called Future Me and is a way to write a letter to yourself IN THE FUTURE.  How cool is that???

For those of us who keep Journals, or write to process, or write letters or just love to write, this is such a great idea!  I’ve already written 5 letters!

One thing I love about this site is that once you write your letter, it is in lockdown mode until it is sent, so there is no opportunity to “change your mind”, it’s being sent!

I love the idea of writing today to myself as if it were months, or years, in the future.  What would I say to myself based on what I know today?  What lessons or insights would I share?  What encouragement would I give?  Anything is possible!

Another interesting feature of the site is that when you set up your email to be sent, you can pick the date, and also you can choose if the email will be private or public yet anonymous.

There is a whole section of Public Letters that you can read.  I’ve been impressed with most of them, how kind to themselves people are, how supportive, and how funny!  It provides an interesting glimpse into other’s lives and you will discover they are not that different from you.

One way people are using this is to send letters to others in the future.  This could be one way to write a tender note to someone in the moment and have it delivered on their Birthday for example.

Did I mention it is free?  You can also donate $3 per year.  I look forward to writing more letters to myself (and maybe others) and also reading them!  Brilliant, FutureMe, just Brilliant!

Do you think this is something you would like to try?


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