How’s it going?  What’s the word on your Street?  I lost Tuesday of this week somehow.  In the blink of an eye, January is almost gone.  How did that happen?  How are you faring in the New Year, and this 2019 Energy?

January energy is about regrouping.  I feel we are finishing up (especially with the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the other day) releasing 2018 and integrating and recalibrating.  Is that how it is feeling for you?

Ideas are taking hold and we will have the energy to move forward with goals, whereas last year felt like a re-purge, healing, soul-seeking, and rehashing of many deep, core issues.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Quitting lately as about 10 days ago I stopped participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  It wasn’t planned or thought about.  It simply happened because I couldn’t get in the writing mode.  Nothing was sparking me!

I wallowed instead.  I felt bad that I didn’t blog.  Now, with the challenge, the rules are that you can catch up.  For me, the goal was always to write DAILY.

It was weird, too, because I knew that day that if I “quit” and didn’t write a blog, that I wouldn’t start back up again.

Why is that?

lukasbieri / Pixabay

What I discovered is that the energy wasn’t there for blogging.  I had the energy to ice and heal a hurt foot though (I ran over it while trying to push my dead golf cart off the road one dark night – not once but TWICE! *shakes head*).

You all know I am accountable, have integrity, say what I mean, Mean what I say, and keep my word.  So, I really struggled with not “putting on my big girl pants” and writing that one little blog.

I could have whipped up a little blog.  I could have thrown something together and posted it.  I realized I was in REBELLION mode!

As I dove deeper, I began to see that my energy, input, concentration, and focus needed to be other places in my life and in my Business, not on a Blog Challenge.

I’m not saying the Blog Challenge took away from that, but I am saying that participating was too much.  I was spreading myself too thin!  (Are you??)

I’ve started Exercise challenges that I’ve quit because of the same reason – I literally, physically, did not have the energy to participate.  Other times, I’ve rocked it!

What I’m saying is, listen to yourself and your body.  Tune in to what is REALLY going on.

Acknowledge that IT IS OKAY to move away from something that you thought you wanted to do, have, or be.

It’s OKAY to PIVOT towards something else that makes more sense at this time.  It doesn’t mean you are never going to – Blog – Exercise – “whatever” – again.  It just means you aren’t going to RIGHT NOW.

Quitting can be powerful IF we don’t beat ourselves up over it.  And if f we recognize what we are quitting and why.

I’ll blog again (THIS is going to be a blog).  And I’ll blog again after that.  Maybe a Challenge wasn’t the way to go this time around.  Maybe next time it will be.

Instead of Blogging, my energy has gone into the Ignite Your Intuition group, answering questions, practice-intuition posts, and fun posts getting to know everyone.  Join us if you haven’t already!

Is there something you need to Quit – not to avoid but to be more in alignment with yourself?  I’m really curious what YOUR thoughts on Quitting are – let me know!!

Here’s to the NOW and ROARing!

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