Tonight is the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.  Know that I am not an Astrologer, however, I’ve been following the Moon phases for a while.  Many of my New Moon intentions and wishes have come true over the years since starting this practice.

The New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle.  It’s all about New Beginnings.  You may feel tired or out of sorts during the New Moon.

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Since the New Moon is in Capricorn, hand-write your Wishes and Intentions in the areas that Capricorn supports (or other areas if you feel drawn):  your profession, public status, success, reaching goals, accepting responsibility, feeling in control, being sensible, and time management skills.

An Example of an intention or wish could be: “I easily and effortlessly complete my daily tasks.”  (Taken from Jan Spiller’s book, New Moon Astrology)

The most potent energy for wishes occurs in the first 8 hours of the New Moon, up to 48 hours.  I keep a New Moon Notebook (surprise, a notebook!) and jot down my wishes each month.  I review it every few months and mark which ones have come true.

New Moon energies last up to a month.  It is a great time to do a ceremony or ritual to really set your intentions.  You  may want to participate in a 5-Step New Moon Ritual.

Now, about the Solar Eclipse.  Eclipse energy really packs a punch.  Highly sensitive people (Clairempaths) can sometimes feel the shifts in energy weeks, maybe months prior to an Eclipse.  Eclipse energy can affect us for 6 months!!!

This first Solar Eclipse of 2019 is about a NEW LIFE for you.  The energy embraces and supports and PROPELS you to TAKE ACTION towards your empowered life.  Know that you have inside you WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed the way you want to!  ROAR!

I keep getting the sense for us to be more intuitively CONSCIOUS of what is going on in your inner world and how that is creating your outer world.

Recognize that YOU create your reality with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, energy, and vibration.  YOU ARE SO POWERFUL!!!

Use this Eclipse and New Moon energy to PROPEL you forward the way that you want.  Make some decisions about your Plan, your Purpose, and how you will Progress.

Here’s to ROCKING those Energies and ROARING so loud!!!

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