Relationships are the way we connect with other people.  We can have romantic, friendship, familial, coworker, acquaintance, stranger, and even pet relationships.

Relationships change, shift, and end for various reasons.

As humans, we are constantly evolving and changing.  Relationships are an extension of ourselves so it makes sense that they will change as we do.  Or don’t.  A lot of times relationships shift because one person is growing and changing, and one person is not.

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Two years after moving to Belize from Seattle (I’ve been in Belize 4 years now), I noticed where I once had a lot of interaction with various people back home, the “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon had definitely become a reality.

I recognized that a lot of people I knew didn’t understand why I made a move South of the Border.  I had changed.  I was on a different path and the relatability factor decreased.

While some Relationships fizzle on their own without much hoopla, others end with a bang.  If there was an emotional ending to Relationship, it’s a good idea to do a Relationship Purge.

Most of us want relief from pain, and the ability to move on freely when relationships end.  A Relationship Purge consists of Mental, Emotional and Energetic components.  What do those look like?


This is the MENTAL part.  Take out a pen and paper (or keyboard if you must!) and write down everything about this Relationship – the good, the bad, what worked, what didn’t work, what your part was, what their part was, and anything else that you need to purge.

This could include writing a letter to the person — and NOT sending it (key point!!  Don’t send it – this is for YOU and your healing).


This is the EMOTIONAL part.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel those feelings.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeel the upset.  Feeeeeeeeeeeel the sadness, pain, maybe even happiness or relief.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel how you feel.  Acknowledging our feelings is one of the quickest ways to heal.

The trick is to not put yourself in a bad place with the feelings, where you are beating yourself up or reliving it over and over again.  The purpose is to allow yourself to feel it.  By acknowledging your feelings, you allow them to MOVE THROUGH YOU in RELEASE.


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Energetic Release is the Biggie and, in my opinion, it’s where the true shifts really happen and STICK long-term.

All of our experiences are stored in our Nervous System, at the Cellular level.  All the talking and feeling in the world won’t do diddly if it is not followed up with an Energetic Release.  [TIP:  If you’ve been in therapy for years with no changes, start looking into Energy Healing Modalities!  PS I am a fan of Therapy — it just needs to include Energy Work.]

All you need to do an Energetic Release is a strong intention, trust, and to be open.


This is fun!  Visualize the energetic cords between you and the other person.  Whatever it looks like is how it looks.  Next, visualize humongous scissors.  Hold those scissors and see them cutting the cord between the two of you.  See the cords fall to the floor.  You’re Free!!!


See yourself sitting in a chair.  See the other person sitting in a chair in front of you.  Say out loud, “I hereby request all of my pieces be returned to me and all of your pieces be returned to you, for the Best and Highest Good.”  You may feel or see things leaving your body.  You may feel or see things leaving the other person’s body and coming back to you.  Whatever shows up for you is correct and perfect, go with it.  Visualize until you feel the process is complete.


Feel into your body, physically and also the space around it (etheric field and auric field).  Ask the energetic remnants of that person and relationship to remove itself.  You may actually feel or see things leaving your body.  Whatever shows up for you is correct and perfect, go with it.  Visualize until you feel the process is complete.

Note:  If you need some more specific or to go deeper, feel free to book a session with me so I can help facilitate and we can tackle it together!

Each person views Relationship and processes differently.

Allow yourself to take the time you need to talk/write it out, FEEL and Energetically Release your Relationships.

You CAN also do this purge for Relationships that you want to continue.  Just know that doing these exercises will likely shift the Relationship in some way – how you relate to each other, dynamics, and the energy.


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