Everyone has their go-to person for certain things or industries.  I find that my online mentors change as I change.  Here are my current Top Picks.


For all things Crystals, I love the teachings and energy of Stephanie, aka Hibiscus Moon.  Science teacher turned Crystal teacher, her knowledge, passion, and way of presenting it is what led me to get my Crystal Healing certificate (from her Academy).  She mixes science with spirituality.

Essential Oils

I began my Business after taking an Essential Oils class in 2010.  Jyllicious™ Intuitive Aromatherapy.  I loved concocting salves and balms, air fresheners, perfumes, etc.  I was introduced to doTerra in 2016 and find them to be the highest quality oil on the market.  I sell them as well.

Cosmic Astrology

I’ve been following Elizabeth Peru’s teachings for a few years.  She provides astrological energy reports each week that help keep me grounded and centered.  She has recently written a book called Cosmic Messengers that is on my reading list!

Enlightening Life (Energies)

I found Jennifer Hoffman in 2017 and she quickly became my go-to for making sense of the Ascension process that we are in, moving from 3D to 5D living.  Jennifer is a natural teacher and has been writing articles on Spirituality, Energies, and Intuition since 2003.  You can visit her website here.

Relationships & Spirituality

I found Jeff Brown in 2017.  I enjoy his posts on family issues, relationship, and spirituality.  He runs a writing class a couple times a year called Finding Your Way Home.  I have yet to take it, but want to.

Freedym (Business & Life)

If you are looking for Freedom in your life then check out Freedym.  I relate so much because Ryan Lee is around my age (48) and is a kindred spirit from growing up in the 80’s.  He has extensive training programs in his Freedym Membership (this linked group is free to join, check out his website for more info on his membership and to sign up for his newsletter, which is priceless).  Topics cover Facebook Ads, Membership sites, Podcasts, One Email A Day, Recurring Revenue, and more.

I hope you find useful information, answers, and enjoyment if you choose to follow any of these Jyllicious™ Top Picks!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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