Last week I mentioned taking smaller baby steps and the 30-day exercise Challenge that I started. Holy workouts! It’s amazing the dormant parts of my body I could feel after a mere 15-minute workout!

My body likes and needs a lot of downtime. I’ve never exercised 30 days in a row. I don’t even want to exercise every day!! haha Truth! Luckily, the program allows 24 hours to access the video once you click on the link. That means I can NOT open the email and buy myself some time.

But that’s just it – I will potentially NEVER feel like it because well (shhhh) I am not a huge fan of exercise (unless it is dancing or wake-surfing!).

Confession time. I love the results just not the actual ‘doing’ it. *imagining tomatoes thrown by the exercise fiends*

After Day 2, I felt all the pain of unused muscles. I thought, “I might take a rest day tomorrow.”

I opened up my email for Day 3. It was YOGA! I told myself, “I can surely do 15-minutes of Yoga”. Alas, No Resting for me!

And that was the whole reason I committed to 30 days in the first place – it’s just 15-minutes. I can always do 15-minutes of exercise. I may not want to, but I can make time and chances are high I will feel better afterward (so far YES – a little sore but the feeling of accomplishment far outweighs everything else!).

During Day 5, Tabata Cardio (someone was seriously trying to kill me with that workout), I wanted to Quit.

But, I powered on. “It’s only 15-minutes. I can dooooo it!!”

Yes, I had to talk myself through it!

I’m doing the workouts with Betty Rocker (the gal putting on the Challenge) so she helps me get through it IN the moment.

After the workout, I post on Social Media to keep me Accountable. Then I leave a voice message for my girlfriend who is also doing the challenge. I tell her what the workout was (she signed up a day after me), the exercises I liked or didn’t like and how I feel. She does the same after her workout. It’s a great way to support each other and stay accountable.

Exercise is my “thing” right now. I needed to get Active, and low and behold this Challenge showed up in my Newsfeed. Synchronicity!

What is your “thing” right now? What are you wanting in your life? What is a goal you are working toward? Reply and let me know!

Be committed!!! Start taking daily, consistent action towards it.

Set up a system of Accountability – to yourself and at least ONE other person. It doesn’t have to be the World on Social Media. It could be a close friend or partner. Pick someone supportive of your endeavor.

Start taking yourself seriously.

Start committing to what you want.

Break it down. What baby steps do you need to take to get what you want? Start taking those baby steps so you can Succeed!!

I felt uncomfortable sending this so I asked why I keep giving variations of this same lesson. The Guides keep harping on this because there are so many of you who are not stepping into your True Self, Power, Gifts, Awareness, etc. They want you to know it is OKAY to not know ‘how’ or ‘what’. It’s OKAY to be worried. It’s OKAY to be scared. Acknowledge the feeling and tell yourself you are doing it anyway! You are powering through! You need to be seen and heard. The world needs what you have to offer. Start PLAYING BIG!!!

Here’s to committing to IT and ROARING!!!

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