Well, who knew it would happen again so quickly!  Lucky me!  Super “Jailbird” Steve called at noon asking if I wanted to hit Lake Sammamish on his boat.  Heck yeah!  I zipped home, grabbed my gear and met him at his place by 3.  His son Zach, friend Chaz, girlfriend Grace and Grace’s cousin Kim came too!  We launched without any mishaps (I wasn’t allowed to write about my cousins launching mishap on Tuesday – pretty funny stuff, Vernon) and hit the lake!  I was surprised there weren’t more boats out!  The water looked pretty good, especially compared to Lake Washington the other day.  We had to go pick up the girls at Idylwood Park so Zach went first down there, then Chaz, then the Jylly!  Yay me!  Can I just tell you I TORE IT UP OUT THERE!  I know!  I kind of surprised myself!  I had a little bit of frustration with the speed of the boat – it seemed to speed up on its own according to Steve (hmmm).  I was crossing the wake with confidence, even catching some air!  I enjoyed the warm water, too (warmer than Lk WA of course)!  The boys didn’t want to go again (hello?  I don’t get that) so I decided to try to slalom since they had a ski on the boat.  Yeah, I thought it was looking less choppy and windy… maybe not.  I got up twice and quickly lost it.  I took in a lot of the lake through my nose and ears.  The Nose I can handle, though it isn’t the best of course, but ears are just flat out annoying.  I will try again and I will get up and stay up!  ROAR!  Did I mention I love wakeboarding?  Just checking!

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