3 Step Release Process

3 Step Release Process

Well, it’s that time of year – to review the year and let it go! Woo hoo! Finally, right!!? I know each of us is feeling the extent of this year in many different ways. Chiron recently went direct so that Retrograde contributed to lots of healing as well...
DEEPness of 2020

DEEPness of 2020

2020 has been deeply uncomfortable, deeply transformative (if we’ve let it be!), and brought deep Awareness where we may not have had it before. I’ve been in a deep (there’s that word again! Is it too late to pick a word of the year 2020?! HA Because...

Intro to Jyll Hoyrup

Hi!  I’m Jyll Hoyrup for all of you Ultimate Blog Challengers (still time to sign up!) or people who have just stumbled upon me and want more information. While I can’t go into the Nitty Gritty of 49 years (stay tuned for the Book!), I can give you a quick...

2019 Review

2019 Review So this was officially the worst year of this lifetime – waaaayyyyy too many stressful things happened at once: 1. Multiple trips to Mexico for dental care 2. Oral surgery 3. Financial devastation and debt for the first time in my life 4. Gave up my...
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