‘Warrior Body’ was the name of today’s workout (Day 23 – holla!!) and I liked it.  I decided I could feel and embrace calling myself a Warrior because of the strides I have taken in being committed to my Self-Care.  How about you – do you feel like a Warrior?  Could you DECIDE to feel like a Warrior because of certain things you are doing?

In July 2014, I was trying to figure out where to go on my Christmas vacation for 2.5 weeks.  I wanted to check out a couple places I’d been before – where I might like to live – Costa Rica or Belize.

I considered factors like feeling Safe (both), English speaking (Belize), Comfortability (both), and Drinking Water (Belize).  Pretty basic right!!  Ultimately, I used my Intuition — and picked Belize.

I was busy selling my condo and purging my personal possessions.  I didn’t spend time wondering how I would fit in, if I would have friends or a life partner, or be able to do Energy Healing in the Community.

Two weeks after I bought my ticket for my vacation, my Guides started telling me I wouldn’t be returning to Seattle.  They said I would stay in Belize.  I rolled my eyes.  I had been talking about moving South of the Border for sooooo long (i.e. YEARS – every vacation I’d joke to my coworkers that I wasn’t coming back).  I never knew HOW to make it happen so I figured I wouldn’t move until I did know!

I never did return to Seattle and I still don’t know HOW to make it happen!  I’ve been here almost 3 years and I still struggle to find my place and create close friendships.  It is very hard to work here and the process to get your Residency is a joke.

I’ve thought a lot about leaving… I’ve wanted to pack my bags and leave so many times I’ve lost count.  But, I trust that I am here for a reason.  I trust that my Intuition and Guides led me here for a reason.  I trust that all will be revealed SOON.

(I stopped to do a quick Meditation.  I didn’t want to talk about this.  I asked them “Where are we going with this message?  What are you trying to say?”  The Guides said, “Trust.”  I smiled and chuckled.  They are funny ones, that is for sure!!)  So here goes:

Trust is inside of you.  Trust is outside of you.  Trust is a combination of what you feel inside and what is around you.  When you know something deep down and you cannot logicalize or argue it, that is Intuition.

Trust your Intuition.  Trust that inner knowing.  Trust the signs that you get.  They ARE leading you somewhere.  Start noticing what shows up for you on a daily basis and TRUST that it is showing you something.

You CHOOSE to Trust.  It’s really that simple.  You CHOOSE to feel like a Warrior, and so you are.

Trust your Baby Steps.  Trust your Daily Action Habits.

Trust that you are being led.  You don’t ever have to know the HOW you just have to take ACTION towards what you are wanting.

Trust that ALL is in DIVINE ORDER AND TIMING.  It really is!!

Here is to TRUSTING in your ROAR and letting it out!!

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