I have learned and experienced that Timing is indeed real, not just something the infamous “they” talk about.  I believe that Everything happens for a Reason and good can be found in it.  Granted, this Good may not be realized at the moment, maybe not even until years down the road.  Also, you might have to dig deep to find it – hey, I’m not trying to kid myself!   I’ve experienced Timing yet once again and have to pat myself on the back because my maturity level, not to mention level of acceptance of the situation, has improved immensely.  It is really Pleasant when two people can come to an agreement that they are not supposed to be together, yet still care for each other and appreciate the time they had.  It’s not to say it isn’t sad, it’s just Refreshing and of course can be chalked up to another great learning in life.


4.3.03                  Timing                           AJO (A Jyll Original)
I figured on a few distractions
Until you “came around”
I thought timing was adjustable
But it doesn’t move or make a sound
I realize this and let it sink into my soul
Disappointed that there’s nothing I can do
Tears from deep desire and mere Hope
That I had finally found my one, in you
I’m sure it sounds like a lot
Especially the view from your page
But there have been many guys and years
None giving me the acceptance and forum to engage
So significant, I treasure you and it
Even though you aren’t my one
I now accept it and embrace it
Surrender to timing, it has clearly won

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