I was reminded today (thank you Facebook Memories!) that 5 years ago I came to Belize for the first time.  All day I’ve been thinking about my Journey moving South of the Border.

I’ve been thinking about the process.  The twists and turns.  The failed plans.  The broken dreams.  The TIMING.  The Baby Steps.

My friend Steve has a saying – he said it after listening to my dating stories (circa 2004) – “Keep throwing mud against the wall and eventually something will stick.”

I love that motto because it can be said for anything.  Keep trying.  Keep going.  Find another way.

It took me 7 years to move South of the Border after I started talking about it.  SEVEN YEARS!  How many baby steps is that?  Crimes!!!

But seriously – it started with me TALKING ABOUT IT when annoyed with the Seattle winters.  It started as a joke to coworkers, “well IF I come back from my winter vacation (somewhere tropical in the middle of winter)”.

Note to self:  Eventually what you speak is what you get!  Words are very powerful.  Make sure you mean them!!

I talked about it (2007).  Then I started applying for jobs within Boeing in warm locations (2007-2014 on and off) – Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, and The United Arab Emirates.  I thought it would be easy to transfer (Not).  I didn’t get one bite for an interview until 2014!!  I wasn’t clear on where I wanted to be or what I wanted to be doing.  Also, The Universe had other plans.  I still kept throwing mud against the wall.

Then I started traveling more (2010-2014) to get a feel for different places.  I checked out places I thought I’d like to live – San Diego, Arizona, Miami.

I visited Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in 2012 and I could see myself living there.  I applied for a job at the resort I was staying at.  Throwing Mud against the wall.  Baby Steps.

I wanted to stay in Playa del Carmen but how?  I had a houseful of stuff!!!  I got home and began another phase of purging. Baby Steps!

When I visited Belize in March 2013, it was with the intention of moving 8 months later.  That plan fell apart almost as quickly as it was made.  I was really bummed.  Now what??

I took 5-months off of my job at Boeing (unpaid) to de-stress and figure out my life. I had my website built and officially launched my Jyllicious™ business which at the time was Intuitive Aromatherapy products, though I had been doing Energy Healing since 2004.

If it wasn’t going to be Belize, where else?  I started feeling into different options and locations.  I booked a 3-week trip to Panama and Costa Rica (Dec 2013).

Two months before my vacation my Guides said to pack everything and rent my house.  I listened.  I packed (it was NOT pretty!).  Trusting.  Being ready.  Being willing.  Baby Steps.

In Costa Rica, I got caught up in HOW I was going to make it work.  I don’t speak Spanish.  I didn’t have much money saved due to my leave from work.  I didn’t stay in Costa Rica even though a few days before my return a renter was found.  I was scared.  I was worried.

I came back from Costa Rica and hibernated all winter trying to figure out what to do, how to move, how to make it all work.  I regrouped.

I saved money.  Baby Step.

I sold my house and most of my belongings.  I went through every possession and either trashed it, donated it or packed and stored it.  Those feel more like TEENAGE STEPS!!!

I changed direction.  I changed course.  I changed strategy.  I changed tactics.  I changed beliefs.  I found new ways to make progress.

I made adjustments to those Baby Steps but I kept the course.  I stayed steady.  I focused on the goal.

My initial plan and timing for Belize didn’t work out but 1.5 years later (2014) I was there on a 2.5-week vacation.  I set it all up so I could stay (selling the house, saving money, storing stuff).  There was nothing left to do but take the leap.  Trust.  If not now, when? I didn’t worry about the how.  I realized the worst thing that could happen is I don’t like it and leave.

Sometimes the goal changes, and that is okay too.  We are always evolving, growing, shifting, changing, progressing, wanting new or different things.  All of that is okay.

Remain clear though – clear on what you are wanting.  And if what you want changes, then be willing to give up that original want and embrace the new and improved Want.

Then, START to take action.  Write down what it will take to get you to the goal.  These are your Baby Steps.  Make them small!

Then KEEP GOING.  Keep throwing mud against the wall.   Make adjustments.  Weather the storms.  Regroup.  Change directions.  Definitely do not worry about the how – that will stop you in your tracks.  Focus on your goal.  ROAR!

Here’s to throwing mud against the wall and ROARING!  So loud.

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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