It happens – even to a Master Psychic.

If you read Sunday’s email it was my Prediction for the SuperBowl – the Patriots.  I didn’t get it right.  The Eagles were the Winners.

Instead of freaking out (especially because I had posted my prediction all over Social Media – HA!), I began asking my Mentor some questions in an effort to understand why I intuited that the Patriots would win.

My Mentor explained that Tom Brady lied about having anything to do with the deflated football the last Superbowl.  He got away with lying.  Now he has Karma.  Losing the Superbowl was part of that Karma.

I vaguely recalled the deflated football Superbowl ruckus, however, I didn’t know the details (because I don’t pay attention to sports!).  My Mentor took the history of Tom Brady and the Patriots into account when she got her answer of who would win (which was Eagles).

Since I didn’t remember anything about the situation I didn’t take any of that information into account.  What I could have done is ASK MORE QUESTIONS to gain more intuitive insight.  Asking questions is a great way to get more information.  Sometimes it’s a matter of asking a different question – maybe a not so obvious one.

Examples of what I could have asked:
— Is there anything that would keep the Patriots from winning this Superbowl?

— When I start watching “This Is Us” will the Patriots have won the Superbowl?

— Is there any Karma that will keep the Patriots from winning the Superbowl?
(I likely would not have thought to ask this however now it might be a regular question I ask!)

Also, remember that Intuition is IN THE MOMENT and can change as people or situations change.

So, don’t beat yourself up when you are “wrong”.  Keep notes in your Intuition Notebook, ASK more/different questions and learn from each and every intuitive hit!!

Here’s to your ROAR!

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