I’m up early (who else has struggled with sleep every night this week!??!) with the effects of the Super Snow Moon we had the other day!  Are you feeeeeeeeeeeeeling it?  I sat at the Beach the other night, watched the Moon Rise and felt and saw Everything unuseful leave my body and auric field.

Ivil12 / Pixabay

The Moon energy is easy and profound to work with.  Just set the intention and let go.  Voila!!!  ROAR!!!

This Super Moon energy, to me, feels like a bookend to the January Eclipses and its purpose is to facilitate one last release before we continue on with 2019.

What are you Releasing?  What are you wanting to create or intend (this comes after the Release)?

I’m sending you all the Energetic Support you need to embrace you in these energies, create the space and container for you to a) do the Release and b) FEEL better after doing it, and then bringing in uplifting and pure energy so that you may be CLEAR in what you are wanting to create next.

I’m Zapping UP™ this future Intention of yours.  The energy surrounds it and supports it for that moment that you DECIDE to embrace it.

All is in Divine and Perfect Order and Timing.

Here’s to Your ROAR!!!!  (and some Howling!)

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