How are you holding up?  I’m starting to feel the energies smoothing out a bit more as we continue to move further into 2019.

We are halfway through Mercury Retrograde which means we can now take ACTION.  Mercury will go direct on March 28 (Shadow Period until April 16).

I’ve had a LOT of weird electronic stuff happening.  The best was sending an email to myself from my normal email address that I’ve had since 1997 and the email went into my Junk folder!  How is Mercury treating you?  Do you have any fun stories to share?  Head on over to the Facebook post to tell us all about it!

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

The last of 3 Super Moon’s is upon us – helping us wrap up what we began during the first Super Moon on January 21.  It’s a supercharged power period.  Expect some revelations!

Creating Ceremonies and Rituals are a great time to connect to these energies and our deeper, inner selves.  If you feel called – here is a Full Moon Ritual.

The Equinox is here (Wednesday 20 March 5:58 PM Eastern) – an equal length of day and night – and a shift in seasons.  It always feels like a time of RENEWAL and change to me.  A chance to pivot a bit, if needed, into a New Direction.

The energies are here to support your RELEASE of all things not of your Highest and Best good and to tie up loose ends.  I’ll be LIVE on Facebook tomorrow – Wednesday – to take us through a Super Moon/Equinox Energy Healing to release then EXPAND and Ignite our Intentions – hope you can join me!

I’ve heard back from many of you about the new services and have decided to offer a Special COMBO price if you wanted to invest in receiving both:  111® Activation & Universal Sphere® for $160 (a $16 savings).

Here’s to your HOWL and ROAR!

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