I had a totally different message in mind the other day but then the YOU ARE A WARRIOR message channeled through.  Tender!  I feel we all needed to hear that one right now, am.I.right?

I felt such a shift with the Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse that I wanted to speak to it a little bit so here I am again, saying HI.  I’m with you.

If you are a Sensitive, Empath or Clairempath, you know that the energies around you affect you.  This doesn’t just go for people, but places, things, and PLANETS as well.

Image by Aquamarine_song from Pixabay

Have you ever thought of that?  All it takes is to start NOTICING what is going on around you – with people, places, things, and planets – to start getting insight into how your Inner and Energetic World might be affected.

I didn’t know anything about Mercury Retrograde until my Healer/Mentor told me about it.  I was CURIOUS so I started tracking it.  I easily noticed my phone wigging out and electronic issues at work were easy to find.

I’m not all “doom and gloom” about Mercury Retrograde.  I do feel it is a real thing, a powerful thing, and something that we can take notice of and adjust accordingly (ie no major purchases, expect delays or issues when traveling, communication issues, etc).

Chiron is Retrograde right now from July 8 – Dec 12.  Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer.  Chiron’s job is to dredge up old wounds so that we can heal them.  I’m feeeeeeeeeeeeling it, are you??

Awareness is key.

Allow things to continue to flow while you NOTICE what is going on.

Ask:  What is coming up for you?  What are you feeling?

Ask:  Where does this come from?  What does this mean to me?

Example:  I’ve been heartbroken over my recent breakup.  It was the best relationship I have had in my life thus far.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so painful – like over the top so, so deeply painful (granted, there were two other major stressors in my life prior to the breakup, so the breakup just compounded and magnified the stress I already had).

One Healer Friend’s vibe (intuition) was that the pain and sadness wasn’t just about the breakup but about old wounds of rejection from childhood.

Well, duh!  My Life Lesson this time around is about Rejection and Abandonment.  It made perfect sense that the breakup would bring those feelings to my awareness – in a deep and big way.

Now that I recognize that, I can start looking at everything with a new perspective and start managing my feelings differently.  I can also tap into the “general” feelings of rejection and start releasing them on a deeper level.

You don’t have to know what “it” is in order to release it, either.  Just knowing it is about Rejection allows me to tap in, acknowledge it, then release it.  And I’ll tell you the shift has been much needed in my world!  Roar!!!

Speaking of Shifts, the whole reason I’m writing was to speak to the SHIFT I felt after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Did you feel it too?

It literally felt like we were TURNING A CORNER.  Energetically we changed directions.  We have a different focus.  We have a different path or plan.

This doesn’t mean you are off the path you were on.  It means you are viewing things differently and going about things differently.

It means we are more clear, and more purposeful as we step forward on our path.  We may not be all the way clear, that isn’t the point, but inside of us we have made a PIVOT.  We have made a decision or a choice deep inside and we are now acting from THAT PLACE of  Authenticity and Purpose.

Do you feel it too?  Have you suddenly KNOWN what you were doing or where you were going?  I’d love to hear about!

If you would like to make some powerful shifts while we are in this Energy, I’d love to help facilitate that with a 30-min for $80.  Or if an email reading is more your thing you can do a 3-Question for $25.

COMING SOON is the revamp and relaunch and rename (are you sensing a Mercury RE-THEME here??  haha) of the ACADEMY!  The Academy was a paid Membership group that I launched last year to help mentor and teach you in all things Intuition and Spiritual Gifts.  Shoot me an email if you are interested or have an idea for its new name!  Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you so much for being on this Journey with me.

Here’s to your ROAR!!!

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