Welcome to Fall and the last few months of 2019.  Does it seem like this year has flown?  It has for me!

As I tune into the energy of September I sense a couple of themes:

  • New Beginnings
  • Expansion
  • Heart-Mind Connectedness

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New Beginnings.  They happen all the time right!  The thing that is different this time around is that there is a different Energy flowing now that will support us in our endeavors.  Things are manifesting quickly.  Things are changing quickly too.  Be specific in your thoughts and emotions because these are what create your Reality!

Love is Everywhere

geralt / Pixabay

This energy is Solid and Expansive, thus allowing for our Souls to Expand and allow our true Voice and passions out into the world.

The ideas you’ve had in your head, the visions for your life, the deep desires will now be not only lit up mentally (as you have been mulling some things over for a while) but they will be connected to your Heart now!  This Heart-Mind connection will form a congruence that wasn’t previously there.  Your ideas will have your Heart (and Soul) passion behind them now which will force them forward.  ROAR!!!

Here’s to your ROAR!!!

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