Today is my Birthday.  I’m 48!!  I love my Birthday (a day it really IS All About The Jylly!  haha) and own my age.  I’m feeling very Wise and Introspective. 

I was awake early, took a walk, and watched the sunrise.  I did some Energy Healing as I watched the waves crash in the Caribbean Sea. 

I was thinking about what I had read about today’s energies due to the Partial Solar Eclipse followed by a New Moon in Aquarius.

In general, Eclipse energy has the ability to really shake up our world (as I’ve experienced recently).  It’s like the Universe doesn’t allow anything out of alignment to stay in your life.  Use these energies to your advantage.  Tip:  Make your choices instead of waiting for the Universe to blow up your world!

Today, the Moon, Sun, and Earth are aligned in the same way they were back in February 2000.  The energies are similar and we can use these energies for our growth.  What were you doing or involved with back then? 

Back in 2000, I was freshly divorced for the second time.  My self-esteem, self-worth, and trust in myself were shot.  I was beginning a gentle yet powerful Journey of discovering WHO I was and what I wanted out of life.  

As I remembered what that was like for me, I realized that while the factors are very different, I’m also in a new phase of discovering who I am and what I want in my life.  My “new life” has brought many lessons (and struggles) and I feel like I am revamping it – the way I look at it, what I want from it, etc.

This feels like a gentle Journey of Self – more about tweaking what currently exists, releasing what no longer serves me and ferociously bringing in that laser focus for what does serve my Highest Good.  ROAR!

What about you – can you make a connection between 2000 and now and use those energies to springboard towards your intentions?

I’m sending you an Energy Zap (if you choose to accept it) for those intentions, dreams, and wishes to be magnified.  For the next, right, best thing to be LIT UP for you so there is no doubt or question what you could do.

Here’s to ROCKING and ROARING!!!

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