Hi Roaring Intuitive!

Does it feel like time is flying for you?  We are already halfway through October – didn’t October just start yesterday?

To me, it feels like the energy of things is speeding up, pulsating quicker and magnifying itself in various ways.

You may have seen my post that I was starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge again.  Well, THAT totally went by the wayside after Day 3!  And I’m okay with that – I’m not beating myself up.  I may jump back into it or I may just blog at my leisure.  I do what I want!!!  ROAR!

If you are being hard on yourself and “shoulding” on yourself, it’s time to stop.  Reach into those areas of your life that bring you JOY and a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Focus there.

New Moon in Scorpio was last week.  Venus is currently Retrograde until mid-November.  The energy right now is all about bringing up old wounds so we can TRANSFORM and heal them, even if you feel you have already healed them.  Let’s release another layer!!

I’m offering an October Special!  Save $10!   30-Minute session for $40.

Tumisu / Pixabay

Venus Retrograde brings up relationship and self-love.  I have been wanting a lot of downtime, self-care and self-love time lately.  I painted my nails, finished a book and kicked up a delicious slow cooker lentil, beans, and bacon Bonanza.  What do downtime, self-care, and self-love look like for you?

With the end of 2018 only a couple months away, it feels like a good time to regroup.  Get back to basics.  Review goals.  Reconfigure Baby Steps.

If you want to join the Intuition fun – I’ve created a VIBE post (practice your Intuition) on when I will get the call from Belize Immigration that my Passport is ready with my permanent Residency stamp (they have had it since Sept 20 – told me it would be ready the next week).  Join the fun intuition practice here!

Be gentle with yourself.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel into the deeper meaning of what could be going on with you if you are experiencing feeling “off” or energy shifts.  Notice things.  And keep BREATHING.

Here’s to your ROAR!!!

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