I’ve always loved learning and mostly enjoyed school.  I connected with and was inspired by my teachers for the most part.

I attended 3rd grade in Redding, California.  My teacher was a redhead named Miss Nathan, a strong, young woman.  She was so pretty to me and I’ve always loved red hair (probably due to watching Pippi Longstocking?).

As a quiet and shy child (really it was introverted and highly sensitive), I was more the observer in class.  I watched and paid attention.

One day, we played a guessing game.  Miss Nathan chose a number.  If we guessed correctly or closest to the number, we would win a jar filled with candy.

JayMantri / Pixabay

The jar was huge!  This would be heaven for my sweet tooth!  I really wanted to win!

Our guesses had to be between 1 and 100.  We all went around the room giving our numbers.  I tried to strategize but I didn’t know how to do that.  I have no idea what number I gave.

When the last student gave his number, there was tension and excitement in the air.

What was the number?  Who would win?

Miss Nathan announced the number.  I was soooooo far off!  Who was the winner??  I cannot recall.

However, I’ve never forgotten that number and the impact that game had on me, so much that it became my go-to number for things, my favorite number, and that number is 3.

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