I’ve been reminiscing lately as I realized my 3 and 1/2 year anniversary of living in Belize was coming up.  I had wanted to move South of the Border (from Seattle, Washington in the USA) for about 10 years, really longer than that if you count the dream sparked during my teenage years when I lived in Egypt.

It took me 8 years of talking about moving, traveling and researching to finally take the leap and this was only after huge nudges from my Intuition that NOW was the time — I was 45-years-old then.  I asked myself, “If not NOW, WHEN?”

That’s a drastic or extreme Leap to some.  I mean crimes, you probably just want a new job or new house or new relationship!  You don’t want to move to a third world country and try to navigate THAT kind of “NEW”.  haha (Roar!)

Intuition happens in all shapes and sizes.  Oh wait, that’s people.  But intuition is just as diverse.  Some of you SEE things, some of you HEAR things, some of you KNOW things, some of you FEEL things, some of you FEEL OTHERS, and some of you do a combination of all of those!

Even the WAY that we come to define our INTUITIVE HITS is different for each and every one of us.  And that is what makes our Intuition so GLORIOUS and FREEING.  Your Intuition is ALL ABOUT YOU!

USING my Intuition, Making a DECISION based on Intuition then TRUSTING that intuition all led me to finally make the move I’d been wanting to make for sooooooooo many years.  That ONE decision – without knowing it – caused me to start using and trusting my Intuition for EVERYTHING in my life, no matter what it was, and on a DAILY BASIS.

[Side note:  I did not always 100% do what Intuition or my Guides said (free will, free choice – we all have it).  While I trusted my intuition was true, I made “not in my highest good” decisions.  That is a story for another time.]

So here I am 4 years later from that decision to buy a plane ticket to check out Belize again.  Let me be honest — Belize has been a struggle.  It isn’t for the faint of heart.  It isn’t for people who love to shop (humorous – and true!).  It isn’t for people who lack patience.  It isn’t for people who cannot adapt.

Living behind a “great” salary but secretly dying inside was no way to live.  Belize was a place where I could show up and live my Authentic life – do THIS work, which I didn’t even fully realize the extent of what it was 4 years ago.  I was presented with an opportunity to face my Life Lesson of rejection and abandonment head on (HUGE and Healed!  ROAR!).  It has been MY TIME to pave the way for myself, with myself, for myself, by myself.

Think about your life and your intuition (because we all have it).  Think about those little nigglings that you’ve listened to.  Think about the little (or big) nigglings that you haven’t listened to.  I’m telling you, it only takes one of those to smack you silly and to full attention!

Do you want to explore this part of your life more, your Intuition?  Do you want to explore what you are capable of when it comes to your Intuition?

We all have the potential, we just need to figure out the best way for us to tap into it.  That is where the Jyllicious™ Academy of Spiritual Growth comes into play.  It’s INDIVIDUALIZED MENTORING, plain and simple.  Doors are open now.  Come Play with us in the POSSIBILITIES of what your life could be like lived with Intuition or More Intuition!

I can tell you that my Life, my inner world, mySelf has grown and changed so much since that decision to come to Belize.  I’ve been frustrated and annoyed and too hot for words.  I have scars from all the bug bites.  But all of that is better than living a soul-sucking existence, which is what I KNOW and FEEL I would still be doing had I not trusted my Intuition and taken the Leap.

If you feel like learning how you can tap into your Soul Wisdom, your own Inner Guidance and navigate your life in a more authentic and clear way, then the Academy is for you.  Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.



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