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Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar System (the Milky Way) and is also the closest planet to the Sun.  Due to this distance, Mercury revolves around the sun three times to the Earth’s one time.

Mercury appears to move backward 3 to 4 times a year.  This is called Mercury Retrograde.  It lasts about 9 weeks total with 2 pre-shadow periods, one at the beginning and one at the end.

For example, we began the Shadow period on July 7.  Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow, July 25 until it goes direct again on August 18/19.  Then there will be another Shadow period that lasts until September 2.

Mercury governs Communication, Electronics, and Travel.

Mercury Retrograde is a great period to REVISIT projects and decide whether to resurrect or release them.

Depending on where it is located in your Astrological Natal Chart, it will contribute to what your communication style is.  I recently learned how much Mercury there is in my chart and suddenly everything about me CLICKED.  I’m not just a curious, (annoying to some) question-asker, I am simply yet literally living out ALL the Mercury in my chart which contributes to how I gather and process information.  (It’s NOT me, it’s my Chart!!)

I knew nothing about Mercury Retrograde until 2006.  I began noticing and being consciously aware of what happened in my life and around me during Mercury Retrograde.  There were Communication issues or misunderstandings, problems with my Electronics (phone shutting off automatically, texts not being sent, phone freezing, etc.) and delays in Travel.

It isn’t a good time to sign contracts, buy electronics, or make big purchases.  It is not a good time to make travel plans as later you could discover some discrepancies.

I have a great example of both not signing contracts and communication.  In 2012, I visited Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for the first time.  I fell in love with it and could see myself living there.  As part of the deal where my girlfriend and I stayed, we had to listen to a sales presentation for the Vacation Club.  I went in knowing I was going to say No (of course!).  The saleswoman was German (where I had lived as an Exchange Student) and had lived in Playa (as they call it) about a year.  I asked a million questions.  I told her how I travel alone and suddenly a Vacation Club sounded like a great idea – I could use it as much as I wanted.  I mentioned multiple times how I travel alone.  I asked about how to work at the Resort and sent the woman my Resume after the appointment (the slow season was starting so I was told to reapply in the fall).  I had a couple hours to think about whether or not to purchase.  I ended up purchasing.  I was giddy!  Once I got home I re-read the fine print (that I had read slowly and initialed) and the fact that there had to be a Minimum of 2 people each time jumped out at me.  How could this be?  We discussed that I travel solo!  Sure, you can use it solo however you have to pay for an additional half of an all-inclusive daily rate!  Classic Mercury Retrograde.  I have not used it once and am now selling the remaining weeks.

If you are new to Mercury Retrograde, start noticing what goes on in your life and around you in regards to Communication, Travel, and Electronics.  As we become aware of the effects it can have, we can plan accordingly (backing up your files, for example).

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.  Plan for it, especially for extra time if you are traveling.  Allow yourself to revisit during this time and go a little slower.

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