We are embarking on a Greater Awareness of Ourselves and those around us.

We have acclimated to the energy of being in the Stillness that encompasses everything around us in the 3D.

Lean into that Stillness.

What are the whispers that are meant only for you?  Can you hear it?  Can you feel it?  What is the message?

Bring your light out.  Let it Shine.

Practice building that light up within your core and then releasing it out, away from your physical body.  Away from your energetic body.

As you transmit this light – YOUR light – yourSELF – yourSOUL – you will attract that same resonance back to you in people, places, things, experiences, knowledge.

The Newness that is around us now is how it was always supposed to be.

Outside distractions are at a minimum and we are able to draw from that Inner Strength and Guidance that is Inside of us.

Are you listening?  Are you sensing what your Soul is trying to tell you?  You have the answers within.

Be open to the NEW that comes with Springtime.  Be open to the infinite Possibilities that only wait for you to think of them.

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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