As we move further into 2020, you will start to notice the energy feeling lighter.

2019 brought with it a lot of shifts and shadow work, which is finally being integrated.  Where we might have felt heavy or disjointed, now we begin to feel ease and flow again.

Ideas Galore

Ideas are popping up into our Awareness, igniting us and exciting us.  We feel a pull in certain areas.  We acknowledge the ability that we have to IMPLEMENT these ideas therefore we begin to engage in follow-through actions.  There will be a greater sense of accomplishment as we check things off our list.

Recognize that things aren’t “that hard” and that we are doing a lot more than we originally thought!

There is a sense of CLARITY around decisions and next steps.  This ties in with the ease and flow.  We get into a routine.  We know and feel exactly what needs to be done and we do it.

Personal Accountability is high and strong.  Being accountable to ourselves helps us recognize the force of power we have within.

We have what it takes!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

We ARE doing IT!!!  ROAR!!!  Pull that confidence and power from within.  Ask “what is the worst that could happen?” as you embark upon a new idea or new path.  Notice that nothing is scary, all the answers come and the pieces fall into place easily and effortlessly.

The time is NOW to build a solid Foundation.  Plant the seeds, be open to the possibilities.  Decide to take action.  Action shows the Universe that you are an active participant in the creation of your reality.

Think outside of the box – for there is no box.

Daydream about what you want your life to feel like and look like.  Anything is possible – so what do you want?

It’s time to own yourself, own your Power, own your ROAR, own your Life!

The biggest feeling I get and it is has been congruent with my client sessions lately is this energy of Possibility and how the doors are all open for us to truly have the life that we want.  Use this lighter energy to get clear and begin taking action.  Have fun with it — it doesn’t have to be big and daunting!  Play around with what feels and looks good to you!

Here’s to your ROAR!

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