How are you feeling post-Eclipse and Super New Moon energy?  (I am asking because I really want to know – let me know in the comments!).  We actually have another week or so before the Eclipse season officially ends.  I’m still feeling a lot of energy shifts and smoothing out.

I enjoy reading my Elizabeth Peru Energy Report every week and she’s been reminding us that this eclipse season has the same energies of the eclipse season in 1999 and 2000.  So if you have any of the same issues coming up from that time period, now you know why!

I’ve been feeling in a State of Influx since about March but it has heightened lately.  I feel like things are changing but I don’t know how or when.  I turn to my Guides in Channeled writing each morning and they are starting to sound like a broken record!

The message that comes through each day is:

Keep Going.

Stay the Course.

Keep Doing What You are Doing.


Stay steady.

Bru-nO / Pixabay

[And more is coming through as I type this to YOU]:

You don’t have to understand it all, just do it.

Keep focused.

Keep your energy intact and don’t allow anyone to steal your dream.

Rewards are happening energetically behind the scenes and will show up in the physical soon.

You don’t have to see it to know it is happening.


Be True To Yourself.


It feels more powerful writing it out to you, so YAY for that!!  I needed that.  How does that feel to you???


Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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