How are you doing so far this 2018?  January came and went in the blink of an eye.  I got caught up in parties and celebration, then I got the flu (Crimes! I’m still coughing and run down – hopefully you are staying healthy??) and then Mom came down for a visit so I’ve been traipsing around the various ruins in Belize and now Mexico.

One thing I am learning yet again is that I need to protect my energy and space, especially when I have to be around other people for long stretches of time.  If you are highly empathic, intuitive and/or introverted then you might want to do the same.  I am a big believer in energetic boundaries, protection, and filters – when set up correctly and for your Highest Good.  I’ll be going doing a LIVE this week on it in the Ignite Your Intuition Facebook Group.

A fun way to practice my Intuition back in the day was to give Football game predictions.  This started as a joke (to me) at Work as everyone would be riled up for their team before the game.  I would tune in and feel the energy of the game and make a prediction on which team would win.

Please note I am NOT into sports at all – I don’t watch, I don’t follow, I’m not interested — basically, I don’t care about it one way or the other.  In fact, if I have to be there and watch with friends I root for the other team just to be a brat!! ha ha

Since moving to Belize I have gotten away from predictions but figured it would be fun to do one today.  The PATRIOTS jumped out at me as the Winner of today’s Superbowl the moment I tuned in.  (Now don’t go betting and getting mad at me later if I’m wrong!! 😉

Practicing Intuition can be FUN!  One way to practice IS with frivolous things like football – because you truly have no attachment to it.  Start with little things around you – will your coworker be late again today?  Will so-and-so contact you?  Which shirt should you wear?  Where should you eat?  What should you eat?  Which way should you drive to work?

That is exactly how I started practicing my Intuition.  I kept a notebook of all of my Vibes (as I call my intuition).  When possible, I marked which vibes were correct and which were incorrect.  When I had filled up the notebook, I tallied up all the correct and all the incorrect and it was something like 51% to 49% – can’t remember which was higher, correct or incorrect – but the point is I was right half the time!  That was a huge confirmation and confidence builder!

One thing to remember is that intuition is IN THE MOMENT.  Things change, people change, circumstances and situations change.  As of now, the Patriots are IT and ON.  Later, they could suffer a lapse in confidence or team cohesiveness or lose their mojo because of some plays during the game.  So many factors go into Intuition especially when other people are involved.

What do YOU get intuitively for the Superbowl?  Have some fun with it!  Which team will score first?  How many points will the winning team win by?  Will the game go into overtime?  Do you see how far you can take this practice!!?

Here’s to your ROAR!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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