I like to make words out of my name or replace words with my name.  Jyll-words.  Jyll-names.  Jyllisms?  Here are a few examples:  Jyllicious (delicious).  Jyllectrify (electrify).  Peanut Butter and Jylly Sandwich (Jelly sandwich).  Supercalifrajyllisticexpialidocious (now you probably have the song in your mind….you are welcome!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).  I could go on all day, but I won’t.

Most brilliant (yes I’m biased) things often happen by accident – without planning, awareness or even without thought, which is how this story starts.

In 1999, MSN came out with Instant Messenger.  It was a fun way to chat online with friends who had MSN or Hotmail email accounts.  I’ve never been a big fan of my name so seeing “Jyll says” kind of bothered me.  It was B-O-R-I-N-G!

One day I decided to change my name so instead of “Jyll says” I changed Jyll into something else.  It showed “Jyllectrify says” instead!  I was quite pleased with my creativity!

My friends seemed to enjoy it too as they would participate in the Jyll-name game and give me suggestions:  Jylly con Carne (Chilli con Carne), Jyllyfish (Jelly Fish), and Jylly The Kid (Billy The Kid).

You can see some names aren’t a stretch.  Others are, and you learn by trial and error and the deciding factor is when you try to say it out loud.  HA!

When I started my Intuitive Aromatherapy business I was talking to my friend, Warren, about what I should call it.  He said, “Jyllicious, of course.”  DUH.  Kinda can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself!

Sometimes when I read my brain will turn things into a Jyllword.  It is completely automatic.
Example:  dilapidated to Jyllapidated.  Vigilant to vigjyllant.  Fragile to frajyll.

I guess I really do see myself in Everything!  Bwaa!

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