Yesterday I got a good dose of my own teachings and it was awesome!  About 15 months ago I started getting a TON of random vibes on a person in my life.  This was NOT information I was asking for nor was it a subject that I really wanted to know about!  But I did what I always do and I wrote these vibes down in my notebook.  Here is the notebook:

The yellow stickies mark the pages where I hadn’t received confirmation one way or the other on my Vibes.

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who ended up CONFIRMING those vibes!  Now I get to mark those Vibes CORRECT.  Woohoo!

I can feel and know 100% that my intuition is correct, however, I still like that confirmation.  Hence, USE an Intuition or Vibe Notebook!  They are so powerful!!

Here’s to your Intuition and Roar!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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