Hi!  I’m Jyll Hoyrup for all of you Ultimate Blog Challengers (still time to sign up!) or people who have just stumbled upon me and want more information.

While I can’t go into the Nitty Gritty of 49 years (stay tuned for the Book!), I can give you a quick overview of me and my World.

Core Traits

Growing up I was the one always asking questions wanting to know why things were a certain way, how you do certain things, what made things work, etc.  Pretty annoying to a lot of people over the years, so I was told.

Call me if you need help with your Ikea purchase.  I’m the best at reading and following instructions!

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

I am a deep thinker and analyzer.  I grew up playing Chess with my Dad and Brother and still love playing to this day (thank you APP creators!), as well as other games.  Right now I’m into doing puzzles.

I am one of those people who thrives on learning.  I’m always reading or taking a class or studying something.  Right now it’s Telepathy (communicating with others psychically or energetically).  This Spiritual Gift has been occurring an insane amount in the last few months.

I’ve been into self-improvement and personal growth since I hit college in 1988.  It was then that I really started to blossom and forge my own ideas, beliefs, and attitudes (typical right, once we leave the nest!?).

I was married and divorced twice in my Twenties.  I never had children.  I was busy with other things (as you’ll see).  Honestly (lightbulb moment as I write this!) the only time I really thought about having kids was with my first husband.  I feel that was largely due to Church/Religious influences.

Energy Healing/Transformation

In my early 30’s (2003), I was introduced to Matrix Energetics and my life took a turn in many transformational ways.  I began attending Seminars.  I learned how to do it and practiced a lot, never thought of doing it as a profession though (yet!).  I’ve experienced amazing shifts in my life by utilizing Energy Healing tools.

The greatest discovery of my 20’s (N.E.T. Neuro-Emotional Technique that my chiropractor used) and 30’s is that our issues and experiences carry a blueprint that is stored in our Nervous System.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

After years of counseling (talk talk talk) in both my early 20’s and after my second divorce from age 29-33, the real shifts occurred after going to an Energy Healer.

In fact, my first session ever cleared my “depression” (or so I thought I had – that wasn’t it!), something that had plagued me from age 15 (age 33 at the time of healing – never had the issue since!).

Don’t get me wrong, counseling or talking has a purpose.  I find Energetic Tools can yield immediate results though.

I have experienced amazing and lasting shifts in my life with various modalities of Energy Healing.  To this day, I still seek out practitioners for myself as well as work on myself.  I use a combination of talking and Energy healing during my sessions.

What I like about the Energy Healing is the AMAZING and instantaneous shifts that people feel when old patterns are cleared, released, and transformed.  I have a knack for connecting the dots of the “problem” <thanks brain!> to the underlying energetic stuff that is going on.

Intuitive Gifts

In my mid-thirties, I began understanding and honing my Intuitive Gifts.  Turns out I wasn’t a “shy” kid or “introverted” (ambivert here), I was extremely Psychic and Sensitive, I just didn’t realize it!

We are all born with and have intuitive gifts.  Most of us are not raised in an environment that is open to it, practicing it or aware of it.  We must learn to recognize our Gifts and cultivate them ourselves.

I took a deep dive into my Intuitive Gifts for the last 13 years.  Five years ago I used my Intuition to move to Belize, Central America (from Seattle).  I didn’t plan for it but that changed my life — from that point forward, I made Intuition a priority.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Once In Belize, I quit my job.  I jumped into my Energy Healing full-time and later became an Intuition Mentor.  Yes, somewhere along the way I recognized the Teacher in me.  Those career tests I took in High School weren’t wrong – teacher, counselor, librarian, Social Worker.

I now run an Academy where I teach people how to recognize their Intuition, tap into it and improve it!

Master Psychic

I’m a Master Psychic.  I have all the clairs:  clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), and not just empathy (which a lot of people have) but clairempathy (clear feeling others – person, place, or thing – energy, vibrations, and frequency).

What I’m finding from teaching people how to tap into their Intuition is that it gives them a real sense of Confidence and Trust in their inner knowing.

They have had Intuition all along but didn’t always understand it or recognize it.  They definitely didn’t trust it.  Now they live life from a more powerful, authentic place within them as they are incorporating their gifts into their life.

Just Jyll

I started signing off in my letters (a lost art!) as “Just Jyll” in 1983.  It stuck and that is who I am.  I’m real – what you see is what you get.  I’m authentic, speak my truth and always strive to Improve myself.  I’m living a simple, Authentic life now and it feels so much better than my Old Life!

I believe in making things FUN (especially work which in my world now it doesn’t even feel like “work” because I enjoy it so much!).  I like bringing lightness and humor to tough situations.

I’m into all things Metaphysical and woo-woo (I like to say Wow-Wow!).  I love to write, read, go on travel Adventures, go boating and especially wake surf.  Being on, in, or around the water is truly my Happy Place.

I LOVE to dance – mostly to Disco, 70’s and 80’s – but if I feel a beat or song that speaks to me you will find me on the dance floor!


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