New Years Resolutions typically don’t stick.

We’ve all heard the boasts and claims of our friends and loved ones – declaring what they are going to be doing THIS YEAR. How many of them actually succeed?

I can’t remember a time when I stuck with a “New Years Resolution.” I can’t remember a time any of my friends stuck with their “New Years Resolution” either. Can you?

Daily Action Habits

The best way to create a new habit or incorporate a new lifestyle is to repeat it every day.

Daily Action Habits get you to where you want to go. I started implementing them in 2008. I simply created an Excel Worksheet of the things I wanted to start incorporating into my life on a daily basis.

BOOM. Daily Action Habits checklist was born!!!

In the beginning, the list had two months per page. Over the years this list has morphed and changed based on my personal growth, interests, and upcoming goals and lifestyle changes. Now the list is one full page.

I create a new list each year because I am always growing and changing. Some of the items remain the same, some change.

Some items on the list are not done every day. They are on the list as a reminder to me and because I want to track the occurrence.

This year I will be incorporating the following: reading more Spiritual books (and less Mysteries perhaps – noooooooooooooo!), conscious eating (as opposed to these weird eating programs I’ve been doing that don’t work for me), and STILLNESS. What? Shhhhhhhhhhhh. I realize only two of those things are on the list.

Make it fun!!!

I like looking back at the year, and tallying up the check marks to see how much, say, I exercised this year versus last year.

What about you? Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do they work for you? Do you succeed or bail out halfway through January?

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