Yesterday I shared Lee Harris’ July Energy Report.  If you missed it you can check it out here.  I told you today I would share how it resonated with me and why.  So, here goes.

Lee talked about 3 major themes occurring this month.  The first one was Alignment/Rejection.  I experienced a break-up in late May which came as a complete shock.  I am still dealing with the grief process so I was very curious what he was going to say about this.

He said the Rejection Wound is playing out in our lives right now especially around love and connection.  If we have that as one of our life lessons we might be more affected by it this month than other people (You don’t say!!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!).

You might recall a recent trigger that involved my parents and my Piano that tapped right into my Life Lesson of Rejection.  You can read about that here as well as learn 3 Steps to Tackling Triggers.

He said that Alignment and Rejection need each other.  When we are rejected it is because the thing (or person) is not aligned with us.  Of course, rejection isn’t about us, it’s about the other person, but it still affects us as we lose the sense of power and connection.

[bctt tweet=”By experiencing Rejection, new opportunities for alignment appear.” username=”justjyll”]

Since the break-up occurred in late May, I decided to go back through my notes of the June 2019 and May 2019 Energy Reports by Lee Harris (aren’t you glad I take notes??).

In June 2019, Lee talked about entering a Perfect Storm Alchemically for Healing.  He talked about how we contract before we elevate and that Wounding might come back up.

In May 2019, Lee talked about the Gift of Loss and to ask “What is the Gift or Reason?”

Applying these Energy Reports to my current situation helps me see that this (the break-up) has indeed been brewing for a while, even if just energetically.  I can see that now and it makes sense.

One interesting thing to notice is that the whole time I was in this Relationship, I was battling a Tooth Infection (unbeknownst to me for the first 3 months Aug-Nov).  It was finally resolved in April and I slowly started feeling like myself again.  I find it interesting that as I kept feeling better, the relationship was apparently disintegrating.  I feel all of this is good information and fits someway, somehow.

On that note, the 3rd and final theme of the July 2019 Energy Report was about Realization and Reflection.  I have been doing a TON of that as I’ve waded my way through this break-up process.  I’m seeing things differently and recognizing the relationship for what it was – another stepping stone on my path to Greatness – maybe admitting to myself that it had more flaws than I wanted to admit.

The other cool thing about this surprise Rejection is that it allowed me to Heal many lifetimes of this exact Life Lesson of Abandonment and Rejection – 20 to be exact (that’s a real lot in my experience Healing Past Lives).  Then when it still didn’t feel complete, I cleared, released and transformed 5 Parallel Lifetimes of the same Life Lesson.  I’ve been a Healing Machine!!!  (If you are wary of or don’t believe in past lives or parallel lives, that’s okay, we can heal it anyway!!)  If you are interested in a Healing Session, please check out what I offer.

Now I can spend time asking myself Lee’s closing question:  What does this mean to Who I Am and Where I’m Going?


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