You know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night, look at the clock and think “No Way!”  You try everything to fall back asleep but nothing works.  Then your brain kicks on and it’s all over.  You might as well get up!

That was me this morning.  I got 5 hours of sleep according to my Sleep Bot app.  Sometimes it is just the concept, you know?

Before I jump into the message I want to remind you that the doors are open to the Jyllicious™ Academy of Spiritual Growth until May 7th.  ROAR!!!

While I was in Mexico I got out of my daily routine (exercise, Journaling, Channelling, Affirmations, Reading, etc.).  I was in more of an “at this moment what do I need?” mode.  It was nice to honor that and just Be or Do.  Or Not.

Now that I’m back I’ve been revisiting the ways in which I want to be disciplined and it’s changing.  Things that were once important to do daily are no longer that important.  I’m allowing for the change.

As energies on the planet shift, we shift.  What might have worked before isn’t necessary or of interest now.  I thought I would see what the Guides had to say about this for us:


Pick 3-5 things that you feel would make your life better or propel you to where you want to go or who you want to be.  And then DO THEM.  Every day.

Consistency is key.

Throw out the “shoulds” and the Pressure that you put on yourself.

Allow yourself to step into your Greatness.  Stop hesitating.

Here’s to your Roar!

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