White, puffy clouds against the light blue sky are what I see when I open my eyes.  Leaning back on my innertube, I try to make sense of their fluffy shapes.

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I feel myself gliding with the current of the river.  I dip my hands in and let the water flow through my fingertips, feeling the coolness of the refreshing temperature.

As the current slows down I realize I am heading into a shallow area.  It felt like a good spot to eat lunch.

I sit up and slide off of my innertube, careful to maintain balance and not fall in!  I hold onto it with one hand and walk towards shore.

As I step into the shallow water, there on the river’s edge is a sparkly white rock.  It is beckoning to me beneath 2 inches of water.  The sunlight reflects off the water and the sparkles causing me to smile in the presence of this brilliant energy.

I bend down and pick up the rock and hold it in my hand.  It is as if I was meant to stop in this exact spot and be led to this rock.  It is the most beautiful rock I have ever found in a river.  When I hold it in my hand I feel vibrations that flow from my palm to my heart.

I know I was meant to find this stone.  I know, to me, it signifies trusting my gut and going with the flow — for if I hadn’t done both I would not have been led to this magical rock.


*written during Judy McNutt’s Women’s Heart-Centered Writing group 7/4/2018

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