If you haven’t slept well this past week (or possibly longer) then it is likely you have been feeling the effects of today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign so you may be feeling more emotional or emotions lately.  You may be dealing with things in the area of home, family, security and shadow work.  I have felt myself catapulted into another (yes, another!) round of healing and releasing.  How about you?

Eclipses are magnificent (and sometimes brutal) intense energies that help us with both Beginnings and Endings.  The energies of an Eclipse can occur 3-6 months prior to the actual Eclipse and 6-12 months after the eclipse.

Because the energies are so big, we can use them to our benefit as we go through things in our life.

I’m feeling an increase in my psychic gifts over the past 6+ months and I’m getting the intuitive vibe now that the eclipse energies are instigating and helping that in a variety of ways!  Pretty cool!

3 ways to use the Eclipse Energies
1.  Notice, recognize (put a name to it) and allow your feelings.
2.  Allow what no longer resonants to release from your life.
3.  Notice and act on new Ideas that come into your awareness.

Here’s to your ROAR!!!

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