Kind of embarrassing to post, typically I’ve read twice this amount by now! In my defense of not reading near as much as usual and STILL not making my goal of reading books with much substance or knowledge… I have been focusing on launching a new business!! I’m not a believer in excuses, that is simply where my focus has been.

1. Katapult by Karen Kijewski
I think I would make a great P.I….

2. Smart Women by Judy Blume
Ah the beloved Judy Blume! I hadn’t read her in YEARS, maybe a decade or more. It was okay – I think I liked her books for teens/young adults better.

3. Kill Me by Stephen White
Thought provoking read about a millionaire who hires a group to kill him should he ever suffer a debilitating accident or illness. The problem? The contract is irrevocable and there some a few things he wants to do before he is killed!

4. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
Finally a Sparks that didn’t leave me crying like a baby! Tender read about a man who walks across the country in search of the woman whose photo he found during his time in Iraq.

5. Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips

6. Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan
I’m cutting myself off from some of James Patterson’s books as they are too gruesome. This one passed though….about a reporter who has evidence in a mob hit and the trouble he gets into as he investigates!

7. The Last Lie by Stephen White
My second Stephen White novel! He is my new favorite.

8. Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

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