Today I skedaddled out of work early with yes, many strange looks even though I worked through lunch.  I won’t even go there.  Anyway, I headed south to meet up with my two cousins at Coulon Park in Renton to enjoy my first wakeboarding adventure of the season!  Last summer I was boating at least 3 times a week… this summer has been a little slower to manage that frequency.  It was a hot day, I was looking cool in my new wakeboarding shorts and my blue Hawaiian flower bikini that I am finally filling out (heh?  oh I am totally digressing).  Okay, the wind was working against us a bit, in fact, I’m surprised Kelvin even wanted to go out – he’s an avid water skier and likes no waves and no wind.  He would have canceled on me if my other cousin, Vernon, hadn’t been visiting from Oak Harbor.  We’re all set, found out the South side of Mercer Island was a little less windy.  I’m up first.  Now, I’m not all trickstered out or anything, I did catch some air last summer and quite a few face plants.  This year has not held the same (yet), of course.  I am the type that has to get my bearings first before getting all wild and crazy!  I did have some good runs and only came out of my boots once!  It didn’t work so well so start with the opposite foot first.  I think I’d like to change my bindings for the next run – just to see if I’m really comfortable with left foot forward or if someone told me that is how it should be (and the wakeboard came that way).  Anyway, the highlight of the afternoon was when a big boat – like 40′ – went by and created a huge wake.  Kelvin looked back and I just took plowed through those waves like a professional.  I was hooting and hollering and Kelvin was surprised (yet glad) that I made it through.  I was hoping to slalom again (last summer was my first time) but we’ll have to save that for a calmer day.  Woo hoo!  All in all, a great first day out on the wakeboard and hopefully many more to come!!

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