I keep feeling and hearing PRICKLY for February….let’s see what comes through for the February Energy Report:


I’m seeing puzzle pieces falling into place and getting the sense of congruence. What may have not been working before is now beginning to fall into place.

If you felt like you had a lot of balls in the air and you couldn’t catch all of them, that feeling will be dissipating.

Clarity will be coming forth. A recognition of next steps will be coming through.

Lack of tolerance might be high for ANYTHING and/or ANYONE that isn’t on your wavelength anymore. As you grow and change you will be out-frequency-ing people, places, things. You literally won’t be able to stand them/it.

This may be a time for you to cocoon a little bit – go inward. Stop listening to the noise of people and the world in general that is going on around you. Start listening to yourself, to your Soul for it truly knows all the answers.

I see many of us taking those steps forward. Where you may have been stuck, not confident, not clear, or not knowing, you are now gaining that confidence and taking that first step.

Some of you still fear because you don’t know “where” that step will take you or “how” you will get there, and what about the next step (a sense of freaking out)??

Calm and Cocoon

Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. You are taking Baby Steps and you will be shown what is needed each next step. You do NOT have to have all the answers “right now”. In fact, the beauty lies within finding those answers as you keep stepping.

Some of you want to get to the end before you even start at the Beginning (laughing) and while that is commendable and big of you, you are missing out on all the Growth and Discovery that takes place with each new awareness in each step.

Don’t be in such a rush. Savor the moment. Relax.

Let yourself off the hook to KNOW and DO all the time.

Let yourself off the hook!!!

Follow your Inner Guidance. Follow the next best step. You have what it takes and you are doing it, even when you think you aren’t!

You are going to fly higher than you ever imagined if you remain open to the process and release expectations.

This message has been infused with an Energetic Zap, should you choose to accept it. The Zap ignites and assists your movement forward. ROAR!

Here’s to taking those Baby Steps…and your ROAR!


Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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