So the big lesson this past week – really the past two weeks – is that The Facts Don’t Count. I know, the Title kind of gave it away right!!?

This lesson starts two weeks ago when I began receiving intuition and empathy (feeling other people/things/situations/experiences) about someone/something in my personal life that I continue to feel is unfinished. I wasn’t asking for this information it just kept “flying by” and coming into my Awareness. At first, it was fun to know stuff that was none of my business (I can admit it!! haha). Then it became kind of annoying. What was the point of me knowing all this stuff? I mean really!! What good does it do me? What do I do with the info?

As you are growing your Intuitive Muscles, a good thing to have is a psychic mentor that you can learn from and bounce your vibes (intuition) off of. So guess what I did? I emailed my mentor a long list of all these intuitive hits. I asked her if I was going crazy or what the deal was (why I was receiving such info!) and if any of it was even real. She replied back that ALL of my Intuition was correct!!! She said I was getting the info so I would know I was correct. I asked other Intuitive friends and they also confirmed what I got.


The thing is when we live in our brain most of our life like I had until my early 30’s (17 years ago), it becomes really easy to over-analyze and logical-ize EVERYTHING in your world. You can make a “reason” or “explanation” for anything! You believe that the facts count because they are “seen”.

Living life solely (or mostly) using Intuition can be a bit trickier. You will get random “fly by’s” of information and maybe not know what it means or why you are receiving it. You may get intuition on situations in your life but not realize it until after the fact (always fun! Not!). You may also get intuition that helps you – because when you know and understand the deeper goings on, you can make decisions from a more Aware, Higher Self, ROARing place.

The struggle I have sometimes (okay ALL the time as it relates to Belize — my New Life doesn’t look or feel like Intuition said it would) with Intuition is that the facts, or Reality, may not match the Intuition (and Empathy – I am including that too since mine work closely together) that I get. The answer to why that is, my Friend, is the Beloved, Glorious Timing of The Universe.

And here is the Happy Ending to my Story: I was able to ask the person generally about some of the info I got. The person denied the info!! (This isn’t the Happy part by the way.) I was completely jaw-dropped and confused. My ears and brain heard the “facts” or “words”. However, the energy behind those words was giving me different information. This is EMPATHY.

I go home. I am confused, shocked, and bewildered that I have been told something contrary to ALL my ‘correct’ intuition! I spend time in a complete stupor. I doubt my Intuition. I still feel and know that what I’m getting is true though! This is when my Guides told me The Facts Don’t Count.

NOT that the person was trying to lie, or lying. They genuinely wanted to believe what they said was true and more importantly, they wanted me to believe it was true!! After I was away from the situation, replaying it in my mind, all the pieces began falling into place. I remembered the body language and the odd inflection in the tone of voice, The feeling of defensiveness, of argument or trying to prove. The feeling of unhappiness and internal debate. All those things together gave me confirmation of my intuition.

THEN – this is so cool – I have a random (or is it???) memory of a time in 2012 with a similar situation when my Intuition said one thing and reality showed another. Months later my intuition was confirmed. THEN – this is ridiculously cool (synchronicity abounds!) – a few days ago I received a phone call from someone I had a falling out with my first summer here. Things said during that conversation confirmed intuition I had back then – 2 years ago! BAM!

The Happy Ending (finally!!) is that my Awareness rustled up those memories and The Universe allowed me that phone call to show me that INTUITION IS REAL AND TRUE!!! Intuition is there IN THAT MOMENT for us to learn things or apply things or come to grips with things or assess things differently. Intuition is important information to help you on your path. Intuition (especially about others) can also change because people are constantly changing, evolving, growing, deciding, doing, being, etc. You may not be able to get confirmation of your intuition as it relates to others, and that is okay. It is still good information and the whole point is that YOU trust it. ROAR!

What is your intuition telling you these days? Are you believing it? Trusting it?

Here’s to allowing in, trusting, and embracing your Intuition! ROAR!!!

Jyll Hoyrup Intuition Expert

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