One of my favorite quotes is:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” — Anonymous

(I know, I thought Albert Einstein said it too but upon Googling, that isn’t true.  It appears to have come from a Narcotics Anonymous pamphlet in the early 1980s.)

This definition of insanity can be used for any area of your life where you continue to struggle with the same thing over and over again.

In my own experience and work as an Energy Healer, I find these repeat struggles are often tied to an Energetic Program.  I’ll explain what this is the examples below.

Relationship Patterns

The type of person you are attracting or the type of issues you have in each relationship. Perhaps you are constantly attracting narcissists, cheaters, depressed, communication issues, or dramatic partners.

After my second divorce (1999), I only attracted unavailable men.  None of my relationships lasted.  The men I liked didn’t want to be in a relationship.  What was going on???

HoliHo / Pixabay

I had unconsciously set up an energetic program to keep me “safe” from getting hurt again.  If I’m never in a relationship again then it won’t lead to marriage, which means I won’t have to trust my decision that I’m marrying the right guy.

Energetic Programs are patterns of energy that perform a certain task and repeat a certain experience, feeling or situation.  We all have them and do them to certain degrees.  We are not always aware that they exist.

I didn’t discover the Energetic Program I had until 5 years later!  Even then, I didn’t know how to get rid of it.  Another two years later I met an Energy Healer who cleared and transformed my Energetic Pattern.  Two days after that healing I met an available man – we dated for 2 years!


Thoughts are usually very automatic.  Do you really know what you are saying to yourself?  Repetitive thoughts become your Beliefs.  Are your thoughts benefiting you, or are they detrimental?

I had horrible self-talk and was negative until my mid-20’s.  Then I read started reading PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) books like Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking and Shad Helmstetter’s book What To Say When You Talk to Yourself.

I implemented what I learned.  I began to experience a lot of positive shifts which led to an improved life experience.

What I was thinking changed from negative to positive.  The positive thoughts created new Beliefs and attitudes about myself, others, and the world around me.  This created a completely new outlook.


Maybe you have issues with your co-workers, or get passed up for the promotion.  How is this possible at EVERY Company and job you have?  It is very likely you are running an Energetic Program.

geralt / Pixabay

I’ve had an array of jobs starting at age 9 with a Newspaper route then Babysitting in my early teenage years.  Sales Clerk, Stocker, Telemarketer, Data Entry, Customer Service, Office Admin, Sales Clerk, Court Clerk, Systems Admin, Order Management, and Buyer are some of the jobs I’ve held.

I excelled in the positions I had, however, I would get bored after 3-6 months when I was fully trained.  I would think, “Is this it?  I thought there was more to this job!?”

It took me until my late 30’s to recognize that I was constantly picking jobs that would lead me to boredom.  I decided to do something different and change what was going on inside of me instead of quitting my job – again!  I recognized the pattern I was running.  I realized the next job would be a different Company, and great at first…until it wasn’t.

I learned that I had to be my own boss, do my own thing, and especially something creative – that is what would be fulfilling to me.  I began shifting the beliefs and doing a lot of energy shifting.  This led to a move South of the Border where I really could do and be all that – Live on my Own Terms.

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There are many more examples of how you could be repeating the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.  Next time you recognize “this” has happened again.  Take a closer look!  There is a way to change!

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