A friend posted something on Facebook today that asked if we could tell our younger self something in only two words, what would it be?  I usually don’t participate in those but my two words literally jumped out of my head to my hands on the keyboard.  I typed:

“DO IT!”

This December/January has been reflective for me.  Not because it was the end of one year and the beginning of a New one, although that played a minor role.  It marked the one year anniversary of traveling to Belize, listening to Intuition (completely) and deciding to

embrace that Intuition wholeheartedly and make a big change in my life.

I struggled with quitting my job for two days before I sent my resignation.  Talk about Anxiety!  Crimes!!  A month of vacation time, two weeks of sick leave and not to mention the obvious – a hearty salary – are tough to give up.  On the surface.  When it got right down to it though I trusted my gut decision, which had never wavered since two weeks after I bought my plane ticket in July 2014.  I couldn’t possibly return to that Old Life.

I jumped off the cliff and was actually going to embrace living the simple life!  I finally did what I had been talking about for many years — I moved South of the Border.

Since living in Alexandria, Egypt for 3 years as a teenager, I had always felt like I was meant to live overseas.  And in the Sun.  Over the past 7 years in my career as a Buyer (Aerospace), I applied for jobs in Italy, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.  Then I tried my luck Stateside in Hawaii, Arizona, South Carolina and Southern California – all to no avail.  It is so very clear to me now that staying in the Corporate world, at an alternate location, would not have been the answer.

So I listened to my Intuition and stayed in Belize.

It is so clear and easy to see all the situations, steps and seemingly little, insignificant decisions over the years that led up to the moment of Staying.  As I reflect back (thank you Hindsight!) I can see other situations in my life where I could have grabbed the same amount of Gumption (or even some at all!) and proclaimed I would

“DO IT!”

But alas, I cannot go back and change the past.

However, I can be more purposeful and gumption grabbing with my future!

All day I’ve been asking myself what else I could be saying “DO IT” about right now in my life.  Where do I need to grab a little more gumption?  Where do I need to take a Risk?  Where do I need to make that Jump?

What about you?  What could you say “DO IT” about?  Where in your life could you grab a little more gumption or take a Risk?  What could you Jump towards?

Time to do some Gumption Grabbing… and ROAR!



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