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2020 has been deeply uncomfortable, deeply transformative (if we’ve let it be!), and brought deep Awareness where we may not have had it before.

I’ve been in a deep (there’s that word again! Is it too late to pick a word of the year 2020?! HA Because that is soooooo my word!) release and healing process for the past 4 months.

Living with my parents again has brought up a LOT of childhood wounds, issues, dysfunction, dynamics, deeply ingrained thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, ways of looking at people and the world…and etc.

All of that came to a head and blew up over the recent/last Eclipse Season and Solstice of 2020. It has been powerful and empowering to tackle another layer/level of my life lesson of abandonment/rejection as an Adult, with the previous self-work I’ve done at the foundation. I’ve seen things in a clearer way and been navigating with more grace, deeper understanding, and self-love.

I’m curious if you have gone through something similar during this time of deep reflection? Share in the comments if you feel drawn.

During this time I have come up with a new Writing/Healing Release process that you may enjoy. I’ll share it soon.

If you haven’t done so yet or throughout this year, dig deep (there’s that word again!) and choose to RELEASE and LET GO of anything that no longer resonates or serves your highest purpose. This doesn’t have to be a big thing, just notice what it is (or use a blanket statement) and breathe it out. I’ve been literally releasing the first/last 50 years of my life in various ways and it has been amazing, freeing, liberating, and…. deep!

If you don’t feel “ready” to let “it” go, then just be open to it and see how that feels. I’ve been holding onto so many ‘stories’ – true and not true (but that doesn’t really matter – it’s the energy that matters) – so what could/would things look like if that wasn’t the story (true or not true, again, it doesn’t matter).

What is the NEW that you want to create in your life? Be open to letting those ideas flow in.

Stay tuned for a famous and fabulous 2020 DEEP HEALING RELEASE next week. Join my email list for details!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I’ve been working on and am getting more serious about implementing and bringing in a higher energy and frequency on a daily basis. Similar to Abraham’s teachings on “reach for that better/higher thought/feeling”.

One of the things I joined to help me with this is the My Million Dollar Experiment that is being run by Joanna Hunter (Business & Life Coach, Medium, Teacher, Author – have had classes from her and followed her for a few years).

My Million Dollar Experiment is an experiment in mindset and intuition to help you make a million dollars in 2021. Now, if you can’t comprehend making a million dollars, I relate! The Energy Shift and Mindset Shift is what I am most interested in and might be interesting to you as well!

I’ve joined to raise my vibration, shift my mindset, and start looking at abundance in a hugely (deeply – oh, you know I had to!) way. Also, I want to be around like-minded people on a similar path. Roar!

So if that sounds like something you are interested in, join here! It starts on January 1st and runs all 2021.  [Please note these are affiliate links and I will make a few dollars when you join — you can become an affiliate too!]

The one-time fee of $25 USD includes:

🤩 Support FB group – 1-year long container

🤩 Year of mindset training

🤩 Year of intuition training

🤩 1 million dollar step by step plan

🤩 Podcast with interviews of guest self-made millionaires and mindset and intuition experts

🤩 Plus advanced access to Joanna’s My Million Dollar Experiment book jammed packed with deep insights and metaphysical truths

🤩 Data collected 4 times a year with a super simple survey!

I’d love to see you there! I will be doing special Zap It Up™ Activations for those of us who join!

Happy [insert your Holiday here] to you! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Keep ROARing!



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