I had a doozy of an emotional week.  My ex (the one who cheated back in January) had contacted me a couple weeks ago because he is leaving Belize for good and wanted to give me some of his stuff (washing machine, dresser, TV, food, and household items = Score!) so there was coordination for that.  This meant I had the opportunity to see him, work through the dregs of my angst and pain and leave things on better terms.

Then, in the midst of dealing with that/him/the emotions, I ran into him and the married woman he cheated with when I stopped by the Bar looking for him.  I always wondered what I would do if that happened.  Apparently, I will shake like a leaf and go into shock and devastation all over again!  CRIMES!  The good news is, I got to confront her and speak my peace/piece.

Something shifted inside me after that.  It really was a moment of SPEAKING MY TRUTH and stepping back into MY POWER.  As unnerving as that situation was, I OWNED IT and I ROARED so loud!!  (YAY Me!)

I can guarantee you that they didn’t GET everything I said.  I know she thinks she is all-powerful and invincible and will never get caught and I’m a speck of dust.  I know the games she plays and who she is (intuition at its finest).  The point is that whether or not They heard me, I HEARD MYSELF and THE UNIVERSE HEARD ME.  Sometimes that is all that matters.  ROAR!

Over the weekend I RESTED.  Literally, in bed with Netflix all day.  Every day.  I integrated.  I allowed.  It has been a loooooooooong 5 months.  I worked with the Energies of the Full Moon – to COMPLETE that whole experience.

I listened to a Dee Wallace (love her teachings) training on Saturday about How To Create what you want and in it she talked a lot about living in the Present Moment, the NOW.  I *sheepish grin* realized I hadn’t been doing that as the feelings surrounding this experience had been consuming me.  *gulp*  There is a time for processing but there is also a time to step through it (even if you don’t feel done) and move forward. It IS a Choice.

I am in charge of ME and what I create.

You are in charge of YOU and what you create.  What do you want to Create?

What are we waiting for???  An Apology?  Someone to be responsible for their actions?  Understanding?  What are we looking for outside of ourselves that only WE can give ourselves from WITHIN?

What do you want to start believing about yourself (instead of the old or current story)?  DECIDE.  CHOOSE.  DO.

What do you need to RELEASE and LET GO of right this very moment so that you can live in the NOW?  DECIDE.  CHOOSE.  DO.

Depending on where you are at:
Here’s to RESTING and ROARING!
Here’s to consciously Choosing to CREATE your life IN THE NOW and ROAR!

I’m with you.  I’m living it too.  DECIDE.  CHOOSE.  DO.


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