We are in the final weeks of 2019 — how are you feeling?  Are you doing a 2019 Review and release?  I did one a few weeks ago (it wasn’t pretty!) and am ready for a fresh start.

If you want to go through the process we did a few weeks ago, check it out here.  It started as a Mercury Retrograde 2019 Release then morphed into a Life release – of old beliefs, stagnant energies, and even experiences that trigger us!  Powerful stuff!

I have never given as much thought to a new DECADE as I have this year, probably because 2019 was truly a rough year for me in multiple areas.  Talk about getting beaten down!  That was me this past year!  What about you?

I really sense a big shift coming with 2020 (more on that soon), but first, let’s tune into December 2019 and see how we can utilize the energies to our best and highest!

(Channeled message)

2020 isn’t only a new decade but it is a new foundation that we will be stepping on to come forth and create the life that we truly want.  The energies are there supporting us.

[bctt tweet=”December is about clearing that slate – tying up loose ends – releasing, TRULY releasing all that no longer serves us.” username=”justjyll”] This could be something as simple as not wearing that shirt you don’t really like.  Or those shoes that aren’t comfortable.  We are talking about getting so congruent within and without (meaning your inside world and your outer world).

December is time to clean house – literally and figuratively.


You have so much more control over yourself and your circumstances than you are accepting.  Many of you have jobs you hate or relationships (romantic and friendships) that don’t fulfill you.  It is OKAY to move on!!  It may not feel good in the moment however it will shift the energy to allow new experiences and relationships IN.

December is about shifting energies and creating space.  For some of you, it will be about getting clear on what it is you want to create in your life.

For others of you already knowing, it will be about starting to pave the way to implementing these things.  This includes Baby Steps – creating a plan of action and daily habits that will lead you to your goal.

This is the time to take a good look at what isn’t working in your life and choose to let it go.  Don’t keep it around.  This includes thought patterns, behaviors, and attitudes.

Release, Release!  And get ready for things to start moving a little faster in 2020.  Roar!!!

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