Being comfortable feels good.  It’s easy.  It’s mostly painless because you know exactly what to expect.  That’s the point.  There isn’t much room for surprise.  It’s predictable.  It’s also kinda pointless.

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable?  From clothes to home to job to friends to significant others.  I wouldn’t say there is any harm in it necessarily, just no growth in it.  I’m not saying change your look, have a sterile dwelling or bail on your personal life.  I’m thinking “keep it open”, “keep it moving”.  Why not?

Crazily enough, my whole life has been about building character.  I’m sure somewhere along the way I chose to be a Warrior, a Survivor, a Fighter, a Winner.  So why do I feel so stale right now where I am at?  I think it might be because I am comfortable.  I’m not pushing my envelope, I’m not making things happen, I’m lacking passion and I certainly am not getting out of the house enough!  I’m open without effort.  I’m not grabbing the bull by its horns.  I’m not stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m realizing it’s defeating to me; I’m not getting anywhere I want to be.

So what’s a chick to do?  I’m not sure I’ve ever purposely stepped out of my comfort zone on a regular basis to make things happen for myself.  I mean really persistently and consistently.  But, I choose.  I decide.  I have attitudes and thoughts and even behaviors that come before my actions, or lack of actions.  So what am I willing to do?  In my head, it all looks and sounds and feels great.  Turning it all into action which would lead to a habit makes me freeze up inside.

My greatest fear is not living up to my potential, however, in pondering all this right now, I realize that each day I live out that fear – without a second thought.  It’s not my fear, it’s my life!  It’s each day of my life!  So what am I willing to do?  Getting back to my Daily Action list is a great start.  Doing things differently, getting out more, meeting new people, deciding what I really want to do for money.  Where is my passion?  I choose not to keep doing what I’ve been doing – living each day the same as the day before.  I’m way too creative for that!  Certainly, I could come up with a Newness each day!?

Comfortable is a crock.  I refuse to be comfortable anymore!!!

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