I feel like I am finally getting back into the swing of having normal energy and back to creating a daily routine. How about you?

Recently I spent a week in Mexico and received a huge lesson that I’d like to tell you about.

I LOVE Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In fact, when I first visited in 2012 THAT is when I got the big nudge “move here” and I even tried to get a job at a resort in order to stay (They said it was nearing low season and to try back in the fall. Oddly they never responded when I sent them my resume. Timing!).

The energy in Playa, as they call it (which means ‘beach’), is always so ALIVE. I find it very similar to Miami energy, if you’ve been there. The population in Playa is about the same as the population of the whole country of Belize (250,000)!! So you might imagine (or energetically tap into) how mellow (and lacking) Belize energy can feel sometimes, especially where I live – in a village of only 1000!!

This trip wasn’t as exciting as others have been. I wasn’t into it for some reason. I enjoyed it but it didn’t feel like it usually does – probably because I have changed since last year when I was there!

One night I went out to find a place to eat dinner. I was hungry initially but began struggling because “nothing sounded good”. I felt off for seemingly no reason. Suddenly, I got very bloated and had intestinal cramping. Once I did find a place to eat and sat down I made two runs to the restroom expecting an explosion (sorry but this is real life / part of the story). It was only gas. Hmmm. What was going on? After the third run to the restroom I decided to go back to the Hotel so I left without ordering.

While I’m very in tune with my body, I knew this wasn’t physical. Yet I couldn’t figure out the energetic reason behind this sudden upset. I asked my Energy Healing Mentor who promptly responded, “You are absorbing the energy of your surroundings.” That immediately resonated with me and made perfect sense looking back on the feelings I’d had during the trip.

I did a breathing exercise to release “what wasn’t mine” and went to bed. The next day I spent some time by the pool clearing my energy and setting up a Protection. One thing about being in Belize that has been a blessing (I think? HA) is that with the vast expansiveness of energy my Empathic skills have increased 90%!!! That means I am feeeeeeeling others feelings and the energy of places/ situations/ things, etc. even more than before!

I realized that my Guides and others have been telling me to Increase my Protection – and I haven’t listened. When I do that (don’t listen), my Body finds a way to MAKE ME LISTEN – hence the bloating and discomfort. I am listening now!!!! Is that what happens to you too? Our bodies are ALWAYS talking to us.

When setting things up, I learned my protection / boundary needs to start 5 feet away from my body (and all around my body) and then another one 3 feet out. It’s got layers and filters and mirrors and all kinds of cool stuff.

I have felt soooooo good since I created that Protection for myself. It is really working (not that I had doubts but it is nice to feeeeeeeel the difference!). I’m sure a new hair cut helps – cutting off that old energy!

I’m wondering if you are properly protecting yourself and what you are taking on that might not be yours?

Here’s to your ROAR!!

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